TETFUND Scholarship

Tetfund Scholarship can be traced back to the Education Tax Act Cap. E4, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 and Education Tax Fund Act No. 17, 2003 where the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND), under the TETFUND Act, later became responsible for administering and disbursing TETFUND tax to public higher education institutions in Nigeria and scholarships to academic staff.

Who is eligible for the TETFUND Scholarship?

The TETFUND Scholarship is made available to academic staff at higher education institutions in Nigeria to enable them to undergo academic developmental training in pursuit of a postgraduate course in Nigeria or overseas. Note that you will not be sponsored if you intend to study at the same university where you work.

I teach at a private university. Am I eligible for the TETFUND Scholarship?

At this time, TETFUND scholarships are only available for staff who work in a public institution. There have been recent discussions about the need to expand the TETFUND scholarship to private universities, but this has not yet been implemented.

Which programmes are eligible for TETFUND Scholarship?

Institutions in Nigeria can only recommend their staff for sponsorship to study for either a Master’s degree (MA, MEd, LLM, MSc, etc.) or doctorate degrees (PhD, DSc, D. Litt., etc.) at home (Nigeria) or abroad. An institution may also recommend that staff pursuing a doctoral degree in Nigeria be sponsored to go abroad for placement or internship work for a period not exceeding twelve (12) months and not less than three (3) months, provided the PhD programme is science-based.

Sponsorship for PhD programmes by the Fund cannot exceed 4 years. All Master’s programmes should not exceed 2 years if studied in Nigeria and 1 year in Europe. However, Master’s programmes studied in India, Taiwan, North America, Malaysia, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates could extend up to 2 years.

How is the TETFUND Scholarship to be spent?

The TETFUND Scholarship is awarded to recipients to study in Nigeria or abroad. It can also be used for overseas training for academic staff pursuing doctoral research programmes in Nigerian universities. This scholarship aims to ensure that academic staff are exposed to other intellectual and academic standards and cultures within and outside Nigerian universities.

Is the TETFUND Scholarship available to online students and part-time students?

Your institution cannot recommend you for the TETFUND Scholarship if you intend to study for online or part-time Master’s or PhD degree programmes. You are required to study full-time and at your arranged location of study.

Which Nigerian universities are eligible to host TETFUND scholars?

If you are seeking TETFUND sponsorship to study in Nigeria, only universities with National Universities Commission (NUC) approved graduate courses are eligible to accept you.

Which universities abroad can I apply to as a TETFUND scholar?

The TETFUND Scholarship will only be awarded to you if you have selected in your application a university that ranks higher than any Nigerian university at any point in time. You should check each country’s university league table to ensure that your university selection meets this requirement.

Can I change my university or programme after receiving the TETFUND Scholarship?

Change of institution (local or foreign) or course of study after you have been awarded the scholarship is not permissible. Suppose you are found to have changed your course or institution of study without any official approval. In that case, you will be asked to refund the disbursements received so far, and you risk being barred from future opportunities from TETFUND.

When can I apply for the TETFUND Scholarship?

Note that applications for the scholarship are usually awarded at two (2) different times, i.e., May for awardees commencing their study programme in September and October for awardees commencing their study programme in January of the following calendar year. Thus, applying for the scholarship as soon as possible is important.

How do I apply for the TETFUND Scholarship?

All applications should be accompanied by supporting documents such as an admission letter (or an unconditional offer letter) from the university that intends to host you, a completed TETFund Nomination Form, your curriculum vitae, a schedule of fees/invoice from the university that will host you, Bond Form, Medical Certificate & Bank Details.

TETFUND Scholarship Nomination Form 1

TETFUND Scholarship for Postgraduate Applicants

This is a sample of the TETFUND Scholarship Nomination Form, which your university, where you currently work, will need to approve. The Vice-Chancellor, Rector or Provost can sign it. Your HOD and Dean must approve it. A copy of the Nomination Form can be downloaded from the TETFUND website.

The invoice generated by the host university should contain the total fee for the entire duration of your study. The same invoice should clearly state your full name and the bank account details of the institution where TETFUND will pay the tuition.

These details will normally include Bank Name, Bank Address, Account Number, Sort Code, ABA Routing Number (For USA Institutions), SWIFT/BIC Code, IBAN Number for UK and European Institutions, Transit code (for Canadian Institutions), and IFSC Number for Indian Institutions, while also including other specifications that will facilitate the payment of your tuition fees.

While you are expected to submit your application using a hard copy form, submissions must also be made electronically using a soft copy in a memory stick. Soft copy may also be sent via email to [email protected].

All successful awardees would be issued a formal scholarship award letter through their institutions in Nigeria with their entitlements and tuition fees. Other conditions will also be outlined in the letter.

Can I access other scholarship opportunities to study abroad?

You may also be able to apply for the Bilateral Education Agreement Scholarship or the PTDF Scholarship if you are eligible and meet their entry requirements.

Further, our website offers hundreds of scholarships for Nigerian students.

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