TESOL Personal Statement Examples

TESOL Personal Statement Example

I have over five years of teaching experience, and I look forward to studying for a master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). This TESOL personal statement will hopefully be accepted by your admissions team.

I am currently teaching at St. Mary High School. This is a prestigious institution in Beijing. It is one of the largest Catholic Schools in all of China. It has a proud record of high standards of achievement.

I also worked at Kuala Lumpur International School in Malaysia as Head of the Department of Literature and English. As Head of the Literature and English department, my time at the school has been both enjoyable and productive. I have led my team towards making the English language more advanced.

It has been a time of significant adjustment at the school, and I feel I have played an integral role in this change. Our students now have the opportunity to access challenging, internationally recognised qualifications through sound and thought-provoking teaching strategies.

I believe passionately in the potential of all young people, and that teaching English will enable them to develop as informed, socially aware members of our society. I employ interesting, relevant and dynamic techniques to ensure that lessons are stimulating, exciting and challenging.

My primary objective is to transfer my enthusiasm to my students. Students must enjoy the subject and have fun while they learn.

I actively support extracurricular activities’ role in helping develop well-rounded, motivated and happy students. Education must cater for all aspects of a student’s development; emotionally, educationally and physically.

I feel that sport plays a vital role in fostering a sense of camaraderie and pride in one’s individual and collective achievements. I take great pride in working with students to reach a high level of the sport.

I feel that my commitment, industrious nature and enthusiastic approach to all areas of school life would be an asset to your institution. I would welcome the opportunity to expand my Education. I have taken a love to teach, and the primary and simple reason I want to take this course is to improve my skills. I am at an essential stage in my life and ready for it! Thank you.

Please consider my TESOL personal statement for admission to your university.

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