Tax Law Personal Statement Examples

Masters in Tax Law Personal Statement Example

For two years, I practised law in public interest organisations and obtained expertise in numerous fields, from criminal defence to real estate transactions. My fascination with tax law grew throughout this time for several reasons, including the fact that no two clients have the same tax situation and the complexity of the rules themselves. One of my long-term goals is to earn a master’s degree in tax law and then work as a private practice tax specialist.

In 2020, I earned my first-class LLB in Law degree and entered the legal field. I was particularly drawn to courses on criminal law and public law in my degree program. During my last year of school, I decided to focus on tax law and international law because I was interested in learning more about these topics. Tax law class taught me the basics of filing and paying several types of tax returns, including those related to individuals (such as income and inheritance) and businesses (such as payroll and sales).

After finishing the Legal Practice Course in my first year of law school, I was offered a training contract starting the following September (LPC). In addition to expanding my legal theory knowledge, I became a skilled writer and speaker. More emphasis was placed in this class on the critical evaluation of legal issues through analysis.

The remainder of my training contract was completed in the firm, where I practised the skills and understanding of the law I had gained in school. During my time here, I was able to finish and pass the Professional Skills Course (PSC) and earn my law license.

Since becoming licensed to practice law, I’ve done time at two different general practice public interest legal companies. This gave me a lot of practice communicating with clients, working under pressure, and finding creative solutions to difficulties like finding a middle ground when representing opposing parties. After several years in this position, I have gained experience in various practice areas. I have settled on tax law as the subject I want to pursue further specialisation.

I came to your Master’s program because I am interested in tax law. Learning about tax law in detail in the same city where the Double Taxation Convention treaty was written would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I believe that your courses in European Union tax law, European and international tax moot court, and value-added tax would equip me with the information I need to work as a tax specialist after I graduate. My academic training and professional experience have prepared me to write an excellent dissertation on legal topics.

I believe that I would do well academically and personally at your school because of the school’s focus on cultivating a close-knit community of students. The students are instead committed to working together and supporting one another as we all navigate the challenges of law school. I’m excited to further my education and develop my professional skills as a law student under the tutelage of the school’s devoted faculty.

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