Study in Qatar for International Students

An incentive to study in Qatar for international students is that you can still communicate in English if you are not fluent in Arabic. Most courses such as Natural Sciences, Engineering, Law and Business are taught in English in universities in Qatar.

Qatar also offers numerous other advantages for international students. Students choose to study in Qatar to experience the country’s culture and tranquil surroundings. So, what are you still waiting for? 

Why Study in Qatar?

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings list includes only one university from Qatar. Qatar University, which is listed among the top 301–350 universities worldwide, is the top-ranked institution in the country.

One of the most important decisions you’ll ever make is to study in Qatar. You’ll get to learn the Arabic language and acquire the skills necessary to interact with the local citizens.

What are some of the best courses to study in Qatar for international students? 

Qatar’s best courses are frequently taught in higher education institutions, including colleges and universities, as well as professional institutions such as art schools and agriculture colleges. Most of these programs require two to three years of study, either part-time or full-time, depending on the course load.

Educational rules to study in Qatar for international students include eligibility to enrol in higher education courses if you are at least 18 years old. Qatar’s most popular courses are frequently taught in higher education institutions, including colleges and universities, and professional institutions, such as art schools and agriculture colleges.

Most of these programmes require two to three years of study, either part-time or full-time, depending on the course load. Some popular courses to study in Qatar include:

  • Culture and Politics 

With a Culture and Politics major, you will learn about the difference between culture, knowledge, and power from multiple perspectives. This programme seeks to offer international students theoretical frameworks and analytical skills that promote tolerance and social justice across cultures to make a difference in a world marked by power, imbalances, and cultural clashes.

  • Mechanical Engineering

University applications to study in Qatar for international students are common in engineering fields. The mechanical engineering degree is practical and prepares you for marketable careers. You need conceptual sophistication, specialised knowledge, and intellectual autonomy equivalent to working as a mechanical engineer. 

  • International Tourism Management

Tourism will continue to be a significant economic contributor in Qatar. The tourist business is expanding globally, creating new job chances for anyone with a can-do attitude and a curious mind. This interdisciplinary curriculum will allow you to enhance your profession to become a skilled tourism manager with broad skills. 

  • International Economics

The International Economics major focuses on economics and quantitative approaches. The core economics curriculum includes international trade and finance, economic development, and globalisation.

International students who complete this course will have the knowledge and skills to analyse global markets, international economic relations, and policy effects on individuals, businesses, and countries.

Which are the best universities to study in Qatar for international students?

Qatar is also home to many branch campuses abroad. Despite the expanding number of universities in Qatar, only Qatar University features in the QS Arab Region University Rankings.

If you want to study in Qatar, consider enrolling in one of these universities.

  • Qatar University
  • Hamad Bin Khalifa University
  • Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar
  • The University of Calgary in Qatar
  • HEC Paris in Qatar
  • George University in Qatar

Can I study in Qatar for free as an international student? 

The cost of education in Qatar is reasonable compared to the country’s high quality of education. You must pay a small fee as an international to attend public universities in Qatar. There are three semesters at universities in Qatar: Fall, Spring, and Summer. You must pay all fees for each semester before proceeding to the next.

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Study in Qatar for International Students: Quick Facts and Figures

How much does it cost to study in Qatar for international students?

Studying in Qatar could be less expensive than in many countries, especially if you live in a developing country. Qatar universities charge between $220 USD and $275 USD per credit hour for undergraduate courses. The College of Medicine, which is much more expensive, goes for around $275 to $550 per credit hour.

Postgraduate students pay an average of $550 per credit in tuition costs. In most cases, you pay tuition fees through an online university portal. Students can also pay their tuition through bank transfers. Therefore, it is a smart idea to create a bank account in Qatar when you eventually arrive to offset exchange rates if you live in a society with a volatile currency.

Can I study in Qatar with scholarships as an international student? 

If you study in Qatar, you can potentially access a wide range of scholarships annually, regardless of your background or country of domicile. Scholarships are usually awarded based on academic achievements and talent.

There is available funding to study in Qatar for international students. The following are some of the popular scholarships in Qatar.

  • Qatar University Scholarships

You can apply for Qatar University Scholarships as an international student if you want to study in Qatar. This scholarship covers the cost of tuition, university housing, and an annual round-trip airfare ticket. You can also request a partial or full scholarship. 

  • Georgetown University Scholarships

Georgetown University, which is part of the Qatar Foundation’s Financial Help Program, also offers financial aid. You can apply for their zero-interest loan, which covers a one-year tuition fee. You can apply for a new loan application every year.

Once you start working, you can expect to repay your loan at a rate of 15% of your monthly wage. Alternatively, you can remain in Qatar and work for organisations that have been authorised by the Qatar Foundation to do business there. You’ll be able to pay off your debt in one to six years.

  • Qatar Foundation Student Fund Scholarship 

It is also possible to receive financial aid via the Qatar Foundation Student Fund Scholarship. You will receive a full year’s worth of textbooks and free tuition. If you want to apply as a full-time student, you must have a 3.6 GPA and submit two letters of recommendation to be considered for the scholarship.

Can international students work in Qatar?

Student employment opportunities are available at many Qatar colleges and institutions for international students who wish to study in Qatar. This is a viable opportunity to study in Qatar for international students.

These jobs are intended to provide hands-on work experience while still in school. You can work up to 20 hours a week. However, you will need a work visa to work part-time. Fortunately, you can continue with your studies while on a work visa.

How to apply for a Qatar student visa and residence permit

To enrol in a university to study in Qatar, you must have a Qatari residence permit. In the absence of a student visa to study in Qatar (or if you are applying from outside Qatar), you will need to first apply for a residence visa when making your university application. Upon arrival, a Qatari residence permit will be issued to you.

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