Social Work Personal Statement Examples

Social Work Personal Statement Example 1

Helping people around me has been the most exciting experience since childhood. Seeing people make those smiley curves on their faces melts my heart. My first dream is to make an evident difference in everybody’s life around me. There are many people with different kinds of needs, may it be children, and they require moral or emotional support.

I have offered voluntary services in a health centre where I was posted in a comprehensive care centre. I worked closely with the social worker; it is not easy, but these people need a shoulder they can lean on. It takes a lot to convince people that everything will be well and help them get to a point where they can resolve their problems.

I got an idea of what social work entails in the first year of my health and social care degree. I had no slight idea there would be a unit on social work, but the moment I attended the initial class, I loved everything about it. My interest is now entirely in making a difference in whatever population I land on, be it children and adolescents, people with disabilities, students, or people from any other field who may need my help.

My first social work experience was in a residential treatment program where I worked as a mental health worker. Some of the services I was expected to deliver were emergency stabilization, supporting children who were facing any torture; emotional, physical, name them. From this, I learned a lot about how I should approach problems and different ways of coming up with doable solutions.

The social work field has given me great inspiration and taught me that the real foundation of this field is in a position to intervene and make new evaluations that will help. I worked as a personal assistant and a note taker in the department of students living with disabilities during my time at the university. I got enough exposure and can now tell the challenges students with such disabilities face and the barriers they are meant to overcome.

I also successfully assisted them in undertaking their day-to-day activities. I taught them how they could ensure they organized their work and also gave them a few tips on how they would live independently and manage to thrive well in their studies.

My biggest lesson in this field is that there should be equality for resources, especially for individuals in dire need of our support. We are also expected to create awareness, especially of these people’s stigma, and spread love. I firmly believe that your institution will be a catalyst for lasting change. I also think that the experience I got will enable me to get that consideration to the program so that I will be in a position to make a change and impact the lives of people and communities around me.

I look forward to further discussions concerning my interests and aspirations in studying for a master’s degree in social work with the committee in charge of admissions and opportunities for service and professional development.

Social Work Personal Statement Example 2

Since working in social care for the past two years, I have realised that I am passionate about helping the less fortunate. To further my ambition to become a social worker, I am taking an online course – Postgraduate Certificate in Disability Management. My previous employment involved working in a boarding school for youths with mild to severe learning disabilities. I also worked with youths with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, and challenging behaviour.

During this experience, I gained a deep understanding of the social worker’s role as I attended multidisciplinary care conferences, which helped to establish the current needs and wishes of beneficiaries and determine their future goals and desired outcomes, all whilst promoting empowerment, individuality, rights, identity, and self-esteem. My role involved assisting youths to develop a higher level of autonomy and social skills by implementing care plans, e.g. developing budgeting skills, helping them to access information, assisting them to maintain their independence and improving their communication and social skills.

Aside from routine daily support, I also provided constant emotional support during their stressful life transitions. Understanding and anticipating clients’ reactions when I communicated with them about sensitive issues was an essential skill that I learned. It has made me more patient and proactive and developed my communication skills. Thus, I became more aware of my values, beliefs, cultures, goals, needs, and preferences respectfully towards all persons.

By completing the PCDM, I could develop my general health practice further. As part of the course, I was taught about the laws, legislation, and government policies that involve social care, what constitutes abuse, its various forms, and what can be done to help disabled individuals regain control over their lives. My experience with children and families is limited, but I raised my daughter alone and feel I can relate to families in need, especially working with youths. Hopefully, by reflecting on my positive attitude and determination to improve my quality of life on others, my practice will also reflect that.

My first degree is in Education. I completed it six years ago. My degree consisted of subjects in Sociology, Psychology, Childhood Studies, and Politics. I learnt about the industrial revolution, how society is seen from a Marxist and functionalist perspective, how a criminal justice system works for children, and how different mental disorders operate.

I subscribe to the Social Work Today magazine weekly to keep current with social issues. Reading about the experiences of qualified social workers regarding current social issues is very interesting to me, and the articles that discuss advocacy are also very valuable. As a social worker in the future, I hope to gain a greater understanding of social problems, their causes, their solutions, and the impact these problems have on society while gaining the skills I need to succeed in my chosen field of study.

Please kindly consider my statement for Social Work Master’s degree application. I look forward to your reply.

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