Social Psychology Personal Statement Examples

Social Psychology Personal Statement Example

Social psychology is a course that I have developed an interest in and which appeals to me. The practical side of it, which I have experienced whilst working with social workers, is interesting and enjoyable thus I am hopeful that you will kindly accept my social psychology personal statement.

Social psychology looks into the mental well-being of a person. Welfare is a massive part of everyone’s life and it is important that responsible people oversee it or else there are serious consequences that can arise if not properly handled.

Social psychology involves looking into the socio-psychological well-being of people and I enjoy relating to people in different situations and circumstances, therefore, I feel it is the right path and will enable me to work with the vulnerable in society. My career in caring for people, though this time it will be at a higher professional level will be a very great achievement. It will be fulfilling because it will allow having the opportunity I missed when I only managed to get four O levels. This was my main reason for returning to education.

I am good at giving quality care to people and this makes them feel valued. I always respect people’s rights as I endeavour to meet their different needs, and I hope social work will allow me to understand in far more detail how the welfare of people is taken care of since it is a priority issue and concern in this country. I will be able to create a positive impact on the everyday lives of people because of the experiences I have acquired through my life and my care job.

I had the unfortunate experience of losing one brother due to sickle cell. I took care of my sister until she died, who left two children because shortly after his wife died as well. I feel that disadvantaged people need support. I understand that support can make a difference in the lives of underprivileged people.

I am currently working as a care assistant and have worked in different settings for example with people with learning disabilities and with elderly people coping with mental problems. There are a lot of practical situations I have encountered which can be of paramount importance in relation to Social Psychology. I have also worked with children at church where I am a teacher.

I have found subjects like Sociology and Psychology to be very interesting. They are interesting in that the things we talk about in class are exactly the same as the practical work I am doing and this has made me acquire relevant knowledge. The knowledge makes me find no task too difficult to handle, therefore studying at a higher level would be wonderful because it will mean learning more.

I like travelling and meeting different sorts of people because I always learn new things from them. I also like listening to music it makes me feel good and it revives me. My hobbies include reading and running also. I look forward to gaining my degree at the end of this course, as this will enable me to potentially study for a PhD one day. Overall I am a responsible person, caring, empathetic, hardworking and polite.

Thank you, and please kindly accept my social psychology personal statement for admission.

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