Social Entrepreneurship Personal Statement Examples

Social Entrepreneurship Personal Statement Example 1

My decision to pursue a degree in social entrepreneurship was based upon the personal satisfaction gained from studying for A levels and my undergraduate degree in business psychology. Business psychology helped me articulate coherent points of view and argue them successfully on various subjects ranging from economics to organisational behaviour.

The subject provided me with exciting cases to analyse and allowed me to apply my knowledge of different workplaces and their cultures. By writing essays about the world around us, we can understand our position within it. Studying business psychology taught me about the structure of modern societies and how they function. Issues such as the educational system, family units and the benefits system show how much influence politics and societal change have on people’s lives today.

I am interested in learning more about the media and how it reports on the changes occurring in the world around us. I follow the news and see how it scrutinizes the ever-changing business structures, often blaming the breakdown of society for the problems in today’s world. To broaden my perspective, I read around modules and I try to learn about the various enterprises of the world. These skills help me to make balanced judgements on controversial issues and allow me to assess the accuracy of the media.

My personal qualities include a friendly nature, willingness to help others and ability to work well in teams. In the workplace, these traits are essential if we are to fulfil our potential and provide excellent customer service. Within the NHS, I am able to communicate clearly and concisely with patients and colleagues alike. I can also demonstrate the importance of teamwork through my participation in the Singing Squad.

I have experience in leading others and am confident in managing my workloads. I enjoy learning new things and feel comfortable taking responsibility for tasks that may prove challenging. I am passionate about helping others and believe strongly in the value of volunteering. I am committed to improving my communication skills and aim to make the most of every opportunity to develop professionally.

This summer, I will be taking part in several projects, starting with an internship at Netwick Television before moving on to a two-month placement at ‘The Happy Dew’. For the next two years after graduating from your university, I hope to travel around Europe, visiting various countries and gaining valuable insight into small businesses’ operations.

To achieve this, I may enrol on a PhD programme and undertake research in social entrepreneurship. Finally, I would like to stress that I’m very enthusiastic about education and would love to help anyone who needs support and guidance.

Please kindly consider my social entrepreneurship personal statement for admission.

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