How To Renew Nigerian Passport in the UK

Citizens of Nigeria can renew their Nigerian passports in the UK by visiting the Nigeria High Commission website and submitting an application online.

What are the requirements to renew Nigerian passport in the UK?

You need to provide the following information when you apply for, and renew Nigerian passport in the UK: –
1. Your name and age.
2. A copy of your old passport or other proof of citizenship.
3. The address where you live in Nigeria.
4. Your local government area in Nigeria.
5. Your National Identification Number (NIN). Your NIN must match the details on your passport in the correct order.
6. Your phone/mobile number.
7. Printed copy of filled, dated and signed Passport Application Form.
8. Copy of appointment booking via the online Nigeria Immigration Service.
9. Administrative fee of £20.00 United Kingdom Postal Order made payable to the Nigeria High Commission, London.

If you are less than 18 years, provide the following:

i) Copy of the biometric page of both parents’ passports if both parents’ names are printed on the Long Birth Certificate. Note that at least one parent must hold a Nigerian Passport.
ii) Letter of consent signed by both parents. In the absence of documents or consent of either of the parents, proof of sole custodian from the court must be provided.
iii) in the event of the death of a Nigerian parent, a copy of the death certificate must be provided.
iv) Birth Certificate of the applicant.

How to renew Nigerian passport in the UK


Visit the Nigerian Immigration Service application portal to commence your application.

How to Renew Nigerian Passport in the UK b
  • Select Passport Type (ePassport).
  • Then, select your Processing Country as the United Kingdom.

Things to consider before you proceed with your application

1. The applicant’s first name and last name must match the first name and last name on the payment card used for payment.
2. The applicant’s who intends to pay for family members should use the cart which allows for payment for up to 5 applications at the same time – the applicant/card holder and 4 family members.
3. When using the cart, the last name of all family members must match the last name on the payment card.


Once you click “Start Application” after selecting the Processing Country, you will be sent to another page, a third-party website managed by INNOVATE1 Services. On this website, you can choose to login either via Google, Open ID or Yahoo.

How to Renew Nigerian Passport in the UK c


After you have selected your login method, you will be directed to complete the application seen below. The form is a lenghty form, and it covers more that is screenshoted below.

The form requires you to complete certain information such as your local goverment area and state of origin information, next of kin, addresses, height, eye colour, etc. Please take your time when completing the form using correct information.

How to Renew Nigerian Passport in the UK a


Once you click ‘submit application‘, after completing the above form, download a copy of the application. The form should contain a unique reference number and application ID – both are required when you visit the embassy in London.

Soon after, you will receive an email confirming your submitted application from Innovate1. You should note that your application will not be processed until you make payment after submitting your registration form online.


After submitting the registration, you will be directed to a payment page– If the name on the card is not the same as the applicants name on the registration form, you will need to visit the header menu option ‘Manage Credit Card’ on the Innovate1 website. Select ‘Register Your Credit Card’.

How to Renew Nigerian Passport in the UK d


On the next prompt, you will be shown guidelines on how to register your payment card. Click ‘continue’. This will take you to the payment page where you will be asked to submit details of your payment card and ‘submit‘.

How to Renew Nigerian Passport in the UK e

You should receive an email within 48 hours with confirmation of the payment you have made.

Print two copies of your payment receipt once your payment has been approved because you will need them for entering the High Commission/embassy. The system should then automatically generate a date for you to submit your application in person. 

Take note of the following:

  • If you have any questions and/or concerns, contact [email protected]
  • Application fees paid for passport are refundable in the event of a double payment mistakenly made for the same application or fraudulent use of credit/debit card. To seek a refund, contact [email protected]
  • Payments are valid for one (1) year only from the payment date.
  • Only online payment is acceptable.
  • Anyone who does otherwise and receives service is subject to prosecution and revocation of international passport.
  • If you have already completed an application, please check your application status rather than completing a duplicate application.
  • Applicants need to ensure correct telephone numbers and email addresses are filled (failure may result in delay of passport production).

I misplaced my Nigerian passport. How can I apply for a replacement in the UK?

You will need the following to apply for a Nigerian passport in the UK when you need to replace your lost Nigerian passport:-
1. Letter to the Nigeria High Commission, stating the reasons for the replacement of Passport
2. Download and complete the form to apply for a replacement.
3. Photocopy of the biometric page of an old Nigerian passport (if you have one).
4. Police report clearly stating loss of Nigerian passport.
5. Copy of biometric page of guarantor’s (valid) Nigerian passport. The guarantor must be a Nigerian and someone you know.
6. Two recent passport photographs, one of which must be endorsed on the reverse side by the guarantor.
7. Documentary proof of employment (if employed) such as a letter from employer or P60 or recent payslip.
8. Document or letter from the Home Office (if your passport is forwarded to them) indicating residence status in the UK.
9. Applicant’s proof of address in the UK such as utility bills.
10. Letter from applicant’s academic institution (students only) to prove studentship.
11. Charges of £250 United Kingdom Postal Order and made payable to the Nigeria High Commission, London.

Nigeria High Commission Contact Details in the UK

Nigeria High Commission 
9 Northumberland Avenue
Tel: (+44) 020 7839 1244

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