Public Policy and Management Personal Statement Examples

Public Policy and Management Personal Statement Example

My interest in public policy and management began when studying business in Year 10. I quickly developed a passion for this area achieving an ‘A’ grade at GCSE the following year, which further prompted me to select the subject at A Level, gaining an increased understanding of the commercial world and monetary value.

Last February, I represented my Year in a stock market simulation in Hull. This entailed a full day of buying and selling company shares, managing budgets and running a business. I was also chosen as part of a 2 man team to participate in a high-profile challenge sponsored by the Nationwide Building Society.

Every school had to pitch the idea of a radio station to a university panel. The key areas covered were marketing, people management, and presenting your proposition.

A member from each team had to give a 3-minute speech in front of the other students explaining how the station would be run. Out of 15 schools, we came in at 2nd for overall profitability, and I won the award for the best presentation to the other groups.

Another aspect of my studies, politics, compliments my business understanding. There can be little doubt that the political situation can have an immense impact on the business world; whether it be taxation, regulation, immigration or currency value, the political atmosphere is integral to how businesses are run.

Last year, I participated in a World Bank debate representing Hong Kong. In this debate, I had to put forward my beliefs in front of 250 people. Out of 25 schools, my school finished 2nd in the overall rankings, just missing out on a place to represent England in a pan-European debate in Athens.

I also participated in a debate at the London Assembly, challenging party representatives on various issues.

Last summer, I undertook an 8-week work placement with a local councillor. During this time, I spoke face-to-face with many constituents, helped design a campaign poster and was involved in the many aspects of day-to-day work that comes with being a councillor.

I attended many meetings with the planning authorities as well as company directors. For example, my one case was to try and solve the situation of a manager’s private land being used by a transport company. This highlighted one of the issues managers must overcome and the link between politics and management.

A keen hobby of mine is football. I have played for over 8 years, captaining my school side last year and gaining Hull City Schools honours. As of September, I started refereeing. This has given me a helpful insight into people management which is further complimented by my experience outside the school in my part-time job working in a local supermarket.

I am interested in the different styles various managers adopt and how strengths can be utilised.

My long-term goal is to gain a career in the service industry; however, my time at university will enable me to make an informed decision. I look forward to the challenge and rewards when embarking on my degree.

Please consider my application, including this Public Policy and Management personal statement, for admission into your university.

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