Best Public Health Degree Jobs (Public Health Job Opportunities for Graduates)

There are many public health degree jobs you can apply for today. First, a Master of Public Health (MPH) will introduce you academically to the practice of preventing disease, injury, disability, and premature death among people and communities.

Public health goals are set by national and intergovernmental agencies such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organisation, UK National Health Service (NHS), etc.

With an MPH degree, you can access public health degree jobs and MPH job opportunities, while being equipped as a public health professional to help achieve the goals of an MPH graduate.

You will study social behaviours and environments; develop policies, procedures, and guidelines; conduct surveillance activities; provide education and communication campaigns; raise awareness of community issues, and evaluate programs.

Many universities offer Master of Public Health degrees. Graduates find public health degree jobs by working in hospitals, clinics, schools, businesses, government organizations, non-profit organisations, and even academia.

Master of Public Health (MPH) / Become a Public Health Practitioner / Public Health Job Opportunities

Should I study for an MPH Degree?

A Master of Public Health is designed for students who are new to public health or have a background in another discipline but wish to develop their understanding of public health and its application. There are many public health degree jobs, and the degree provides an overview of key concepts and theories in public health, including epidemiology, biostatistics, social science and ethics.

Students will be encouraged to consider how these can be applied to their work and others. They will also learn about the history of public health, the current global context and the role of intergovernmental organisations in public health.

Master of Public Health curriculum

Students who study for an MPH degree programme can choose from a range of modules, followed by some optional specialist modules. You may potentially study the following modules as part of a Master of Public Health programme:

  • Health Promotion
  • Environment & Health
  • Epidemiology
  • Health Economics
  • Health Services Management
  • Health Services Research
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Public Policy

Students who complete this course will be awarded a Master’s Degree in Public Health.

Master of Public Health degree eligibility

The MPH degree programme is suitable for anyone from a health background, including dental hygiene, health education, health information, environmental health, health promotion, health services research, medicine, veterinary medicine, nursing, nutrition, pharmacy, and social work.

Applicants must hold a first degree (or equivalent) from a recognised institution with a science background or another related field. Applicants who don’t hold degrees may be considered if they have work experience in a position related to public health.

You will also need a reference letter from someone who knows you well and has seen your work. Your referees should comment on your academic abilities, motivation for public health and work ethic.

IELTS or an equivalent is necessary if you want to study in an English-speaking country, e.g. the UK or Australia.

How to get the best Public Health degree jobs

Public health degree jobs are available in municipal authorities and governments, government health service establishments, private health care companies, charities, and universities. There are different roles within public health, ranging from school nurses and substance mis­use workers to public health consultants, epidemiologists, and so forth.

Completing an MPH degree and volunteering at public health-related charities is an excellent way to gain valuable work experience. You can start by looking at jobs in health service online portals, local authority sites, and mainstream job websites.

Best Public Health Degree Jobs for MPH Degree Graduates

Occupational Health Adviser (entry level salary: £38,950)

An occupational health advisor (OHA) is a professional who works with employers to ensure safe working conditions for workers. An OHA will assess workplace risks and recommend solutions to reduce these risks. The OHA will also monitor worker health and safety practices and report problems to management so they can be fixed.

The Occupational Health Advisor is responsible for ensuring that all employees receive proper training and know the dangers associated with their job. They will also ensure that all equipment used at work is properly maintained and inspected.

In addition, an OHA will conduct regular audits of the workplace to check if any unsafe practices are being employed. If any issues are identified during the audit, the OHA will inform the employer immediately so they can rectify the problem. OHA is one of the most sought-after public health job opportunities today.

Epidemiologist (entry level salary: £49,850)

An epidemiologist is a professional who works with the public health community to identify and control diseases, injuries, and other adverse conditions that affect people’s health.

The job of an epidemiologist requires knowledge of statistics, biology, medicine, psychology, sociology, law, economics, and many other fields.

An epidemiologist may work for a government agency or nonprofit organization, but most often, they are employed by private companies. Epidemiology is a field of study that combines science, mathematics, and social sciences.

To be considered an epidemiologist, one must have completed a master’s degree in Epidemiology. This is a fantastic job. It is one of the highest paying and best public health job opportunities today.

Public Health Manager (entry level salary: £43,200)

A public health manager oversees the delivery of services provided by public health agencies. They plan, organise, direct, evaluate, and coordinate activities within their organisations. A public health manager supervises staff, including physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and others.

Some managers also oversee immunisation clinics, maternal and child care centres, food safety inspections, and environmental health programs. A public health manager can be found in any number of settings, from large cities to small towns, depending on the size of the population served.

Health Improvement Practitioner (entry level salary: £37,380)

A health improvement practitioner (HIP) is a person who helps individuals improve their health through education, counselling, and support. HIPs provide information about healthy behaviours and ways to maintain good health.

They help patients understand how lifestyle choices impact overall health and wellness. HIPs educate patients about their health status and teach them skills to take charge of their health.

HIPs encourage patients to make positive life changes and offer guidance when needed. Completing a Master of Public Health degree may give you an advantage in getting this public health degree job.

Environmental Health Practitioner (entry level salary: £46,370)

Many students who study for a Master of Public Health degree successfully get recruited into this public health degree job.

An Environmental Health Practitioner (EHP) is someone who provides advice and assistance to communities regarding the prevention of illness and injury caused by exposure to hazardous substances.

This includes providing advice on preventing pollution, contamination, and other hazards from entering homes, schools, workplaces, and recreational areas.

EHPs also advise communities to protect themselves against chemical exposures, radiation, biological agents, and other threats. An EHP may work for a local, state, federal, or international governmental body.

EHPs work directly for governments, but some work for non-governmental organizations like hospitals, universities, or businesses.

Master of Public Health scholarships for international students

There are scholarships to fund your studies as a public health student. Universities and colleges advertise these public health scholarship opportunities on their websites. You will find public health degree scholarships on our website.

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