Psychology Personal Statement Examples

Psychology Personal Statement Example 1

Surprisingly, I became curious about human behaviours with my family. They have been behaving weirdly, and I have noticed many strange behaviours with my guardians. They have had imaginations from nowhere stating that they have been hearing voices telling them they are at war with their extended family. It was so painful that it almost became unbearable when everyone in our family started discriminating against us. The situation taught me that this is how society takes and treats people with different kinds of mental illnesses.

Psychology is a study of the mind and overall human behaviour. The reaction of our relatives has pushed me to have that urge to know how human beings interpret different situations. It is true that even while growing up, there are situations when an individual experiences various fields of psychology without their knowledge.

Apart from having to go through the stigma because of the state of my parent’s mental health, I also had a great interest in human psychology. The main reason was that I did not have to assume and have psychology play an indirect role in my life; instead, I would empower the people surrounding me.

My interest in the field intensified the moment I watched a series named the good doctor. This bright doctor always came through in case of emergencies, and the result was a success. The only problem was that the doctor was autistic, and all the other doctors could underestimate and say that he was not in a position to deliver. The doctor developed my curiosity about neurological diseases, and I dived into deeper research. My O-level units were mainly based on essays which have made me have a finely tuned awareness of the use of literature efficiently.

I have been involved in most, if not all, the events that used to take place in school, where my main responsibility was organising most of the charity events. It has been our norm to support local charities that used to take care of families and children with special conditions which are life-threatening. These events taught me how important it is to give a listening ear, contemplate and give solutions or ideas that enable us to get to the desired outcomes. I gained different kinds of skills, including organisational and time management skills.

Like many of us think, truth is not only common sense. There is more to that. Studying psychology gives someone a chance to explore and provide answers to the many questions that are always left unanswered, most especially about the human brain. How does a baby’s human brain learn the language? How does the brain function when one is under stress?

These questions seem to have no answers, but psychologists can tell precisely how. The different fields of psychology can be so fascinating, especially to students who fully enjoy and are interested in the area. They eventually get the best out of the course. I hope my application to study in the same field at your institution will also be considered.

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