MSc Project Management Personal Statement Examples

MSc Project Management Personal Statement Example

I am applying for a place in your university’s project management degree programme, and I hope you will kindly accept my MSc project management personal statement.

I am very interested in the topics covered in the course. My interest in these areas was first aroused during my undergraduate studies at Queen Mary University London, where I studied BSc Financial Management.

Your course covers the above topic and will introduce me to new areas of project management, which will broaden my knowledge and understanding. I achieved a high 2.1 grade on my undergraduate degree and am keen to build on my interest in project management. I believe that my 2.1 grade has demonstrated my academic ability to study at the master’s level.

My work placement, organised by graduate advantage two years ago, reinforced my interest in industrial research, and I could experience the effects of applying business intelligence in a business environment.

My primary role was to develop and upgrade the database using financial analysis and SQL tools while supporting the CEO and promoting the company’s e-business.

I wrote a report on NHS white paper, and my findings were well received by my organisation and published in the company’s monthly bulletin. This experience helped me to develop relevant skills in constructing questionnaires, managing my time effectively and writing succinctly.

I am particularly keen to study at your university simply because of your reputation for excellence. You are known for your world-class teaching quality and strong links to industry, government and commerce. Your reputation attracts various students, and I believe it will be a stimulating environment to study at the master’s level.

Your university also provides excellent working and recreation facilities for graduate students, which demonstrates your commitment to the graduate student body. Following the MSc course, I would like to pursue my interest in a research programme in the form of either DBA or PhD.

I hope to get a place in your programme, and please consider my project management personal statement in support of my application.

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