Pharmacy Personal Statement Examples

MPharm Pharmacy Personal Statement Example

I want to use this pharmacy personal statement to support my application to study MPharm at your university. After thoroughly enjoying my A levels in Chemistry, Maths, and Physics and a bachelor’s in Pharmacy, I have decided that a master’s program in pharmacy is what I would like to study at university.

From studying pharmacy, I know that I would like my master’s major to include some interactions with the general population. Pharmacy combines the theoretical aspects of chemistry with the practical application of medicine. It provides an excellent combination of both.

My professional career began when I was employed as a pharmacist in a small independent chemist shop. Here I gained valuable customer service and retail management experiences. After gaining these qualifications, I moved into a large chain of pharmacies, where I had the opportunity to learn about the pharmaceutical industry.

Working within this environment gave me an insight into the workings of the pharmaceutical industry and how they operate. At present, I am undertaking an internship to become a registered pharmacist. Through my master’s studies, I hope to gain knowledge and understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and develop my ability to communicate effectively with patients and colleagues.

As a student, I undertook various duties, including working as an assistant in a year 8 classroom. For this, I developed my organisational, communication and leadership skills. I worked with local secondary schools a few years ago, helping a year 2 classroom with their reading and homework assignments.

My study of mathematics and science has helped develop my analytical abilities, and likewise, from sociology and pharmacology, I have learned to think logically and tackle challenges systematically. These skills will prove invaluable throughout my university education and future career in pharmacy.

From my previous study of mental health, I have also learned how mental health conditions can be related to emotional issues, which has given rise to a deeper understanding of society. All of these valuable experiences have encouraged me to pursue a course of study that includes working with people.

My interest includes badminton, horse riding and drama. I have participated in several drama literature festivals and have achieved a merit grade 8 gold medal SANDA. I thoroughly enjoyed drama, and my involvement has increased my communicative skills and improved my self-esteem.

I have completed my DofE silver award, which taught me persistence and how to operate within a team. For this award, I volunteered at Yelllowfern sports academy and assisted at the international disabled open table tennis championship. This was a fantastic event as I had the chance to see world-class athletes and how they overcame their disabilities.

I also volunteered at the NBN enterprise and was the director of financial affairs, taking responsibility for the finances. We were a successful business, and we came out winners in the best presentation in the northwest.

I am a hardworking, enthusiastic student who takes his studies very seriously. I was awarded The Mon St Byron Bowry Award for Academic Excellence and received a 2.1 in my Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm). My success in exams and awards reflects my dedication and commitment to learning and achieving excellence.

I can balance a busy social and study schedules without compromising either. I believe that completing an MPharm program will give me independence, flexibility and the ability to work in various career paths within a pharmacy.

Please kindly consider my Pharmacy personal statement for admission into your university.

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