Optometry Personal Statement Examples

BSc Optometry Personal Statement Example

My part-time work at Specsavers gave me insight into optometry, making me eager to learn more and study at a higher level. Using this optometry personal statement, I want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in optometry.

My part-time work generally carried out fundamental tasks such as filing, updating prescription records and booking appointments. It also included working with patients directly, using equipment such as an auto-refractor, auto non-contact tonometer and visual fields machine as part of the pre-test procedures.

In addition, I have spent a day shadowing an Ophthalmologist at the practice. This allowed me to observe how eye examinations are carried out, witnessing the specialist equipment used, such as the slit-lamp and ophthalmoscope, alongside other professional skills.

This beneficial experience has improved my teamwork, public relations and customer care abilities, and self-confidence by working with people in a high street practice environment.

Following GCSEs, I studied AS level Civic Education, Nutrition and English Language & Literature. Despite getting on well with my initial AS choices, I was inspired by the experience of working with opticians, which developed into an ambition of studying optometry at University and becoming an Optometrist in the long term.

After researching the necessary background, I changed my subjects to Chemistry, Human Biology and Psychology, which required me to complete a further year of sixth-form study.

I chose to complete the whole English A level, which has complemented the other subjects well. They have been psychologically beneficial to me because I now feel I am on the right track, at the same time broadening my understanding and skills in science and computation.

I have enjoyed reading various books, including Carlos-Ruiz Zafon and Arthur Conan Doyle. This has widened my reading undertaken for English and reflects my interest in reading additional materials. I especially enjoy cycling every day to get around and enjoy swimming and tennis. I can be a ready volunteer and have spent a day making key rings to promote a lent activity at a local Church.

I am a confident and hard-working individual with 100% attendance. I also have two awards for exceptional attendance. Through work experience, I have visited the Pinsonte School of Music & Drama and The Royal Academy of Vintage Art.

This allowed me to view an entire educational organisation in action and observe the lives of students and staff. I, therefore, feel I have some idea of the Higher Education experience.

I believe that my high self-motivation and enthusiasm for optometry, coupled with my intensive research and independent study before starting my revised AS programme, have equipped me to succeed in my chosen course.

Please kindly consider my Optometry personal statement for admission into your university.

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