Media Studies and Communication Personal Statement Examples

Media Studies and Communication Personal Statement Example

The key to breaking into the creative industry is demonstrating that I have enough knowledge to tackle any brief. I kept thinking about the words of wisdom given to me by a famous art director back in my home country. Since I was eleven years old, people have told me that I am creative, and now I want to put that gift to good use.

The creative arts and media fields have always been my favourites because they foster progress, innovation, and fresh ideas. In my first year of college, I took a film course that greatly aided my development as an aspiring designer, producer, illustrator, and model. Although I had a great time there, I knew I could do more with my education, so the following year, I transferred to a BTEC program in media studies and communication. There, I learned the fundamentals of animation, game design, computer networking, business, and web development.

Realising how competitive the job market is, I decided to put myself out there by doing unpaid work in the industry. As a volunteer, I worked as a designer and gained invaluable skills. Some foreign businesses also approached me about making their website and doing some graphic design. Working with them has taught me how to break down barriers in communication, the value of teamwork, and the necessity of being versatile and showing mastery in a few areas if you want to succeed in your chosen field. I have since established a digital portfolio to promote my services.

But that doesn’t satisfy my thirst for knowledge. I enjoy photography because it allows me to immortalise fleeting moments, reveal hidden human traits, record breathtaking scenery, and explore the fascinating architecture of other cultures. Photographing gives me a sense of accomplishment as an artist and a means of visually communicating my emotions.

As a viewing audience member for the XYZ Show, I wondered what it’s like behind the scenes and how the media influences the public. Its scope and impact are far-reaching. Taking part in a friend’s filming project as an actress a few months ago piqued my interest in Media even more. I learned about camera angling, clip editing, and never-ending patience and passion. This is a dynamic field, and I hope to contribute to its evolution.

This past year has taught me invaluable lessons about myself and my true interests despite my decision to select a foundation course. My interests include visiting art museums like the Saatchi Gallery and Tate Modern on occasion, blogging about my travels both abroad and locally, reviewing restaurants, exploring new areas and learning about different architectural styles from different cultures, editing photos, learning more about graphic design, and learning how to code websites.

I believe I will grow the most as a person and be challenged to excel the most once I join your university. I aim to leave this program with a robust portfolio and fantastic new experiences to help me realise my goals and ambitions.

Please consider my media studies and communication personal statement for admission to your university.

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