Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement Examples

BEng Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement Example

The subject of mechanical engineering has always interested me. I am naturally kinaesthetic, so I am interested in building things and imagining how things interact with each other. As I complete this mechanical engineering personal statement, my motivation to study this course is reinforced.

Even at an early age, I could be seen tinkering with meccano toys, whether to make a simple car or trying to build a windmill with moving parts. Sometimes, my projects didn’t work out well, but that made me determined to try and improve my efforts.

I had always been inquisitive of the world around me. Still, it was not until I had to do a homework project for physics on energy efficiency that started my hunger for answers to life’s questions around mechanical engineering.

By researching, I discovered that most of our popular devices, the combustion engine or the humble light bulb, are grossly inefficient. After handing in the project, I discussed with my tutor how we could afford to waste so much energy. He couldn’t answer, and from that day on, I was determined that I would attempt to make a difference.

In our day and age, I believe that engineers can no longer be ‘thinkers’. Instead, they have to be ‘do-ers’ to succeed, I believe that engineers need to have good business skills to compete. I believe myself to be good in this regard by having a financial analyst for a mother and by taking an interest in her profession.

Another of my work experiences took me to ZME Technology, where they design and manufacture Carbon Fibre parts, mainly for Formula 1. There I tried my hand at creating a part of a F1 car, and by the end, I walked away with invaluable knowledge of the motorsport industry and my F1 wing mirror.

The subjects I chose for AS-Level were subjects that I have always enjoyed and excelled at. Maths has always come naturally to me. I also did Further maths in the hope that it would broaden my horizons and expand my knowledge. My two remaining subjects were Physics and Chemistry.

Physics has always been my favourite subject because it is based on how the world interacts. The thought of all the different forces occurring harmoniously appeals to my sense of efficiency. I have always enjoyed chemistry because it is a practical subject that demands you to get your hands dirty.

To be a mechanical engineer in these times requires three main things. Having an aptitude for the actual engineering profession, doing a profession you love and sound business judgement. Other skills that are required are management, leadership, and communication skills.

Leadership is something that I feel comes naturally to me, although it did take some time for it to shine through. At school, I joined a programme to help me improve my communication skills by helping out in a lower school class and helping some students there.

During my free time, I help out at a local care home. This experience helped me gain confidence in my being able to meet new people and being able to communicate well with people of all ages and backgrounds.

I hope that a mechanical engineering degree from your university would serve as a good solid foundation to lift myself into a successful career in engineering where hopefully, I would be able to help develop a clean and more efficient future.

Please accept my BEng mechanical engineering personal statement for admission to study for a bachelor’s degree at your university.

MSc Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement Example

Mechanical Engineers constantly challenge technologies to create a better world; this is one reason I intend to study Mechanical Engineering. My interest in Engineering began at eleven when I entered a paper aeroplane building competition and won by understanding that my design could be more aerodynamically stable by narrowing the plane.

I enjoy reading about the Sciences, from books such as Stephen Hawking’s ‘A Brief History of Time’ to Physics and Chemistry Review journals, and I often watch Engineering-related documentaries. I am intrigued by the achievements of Mechanical Engineers and delighted that I will be visiting CERN on a final year university field trip to see the Large Hadron Collider and ATLAS detector up close, an indisputable example of engineering greatness.

For my dissertation, I investigated ‘The Science and Engineering Behind a Sterling Engine’. This required a deeper understanding of engineering concepts than those taught in school, so I used the university library to refer to books on statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, including ‘General Thermodynamics’ by D. R. Olander, ‘Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory and Statistical Mechanics’ by Sears-Salinger.

This research introduced me to concepts including PV Engine Cycles and the Carnot Cycle and improved my understanding of the first and second laws of Thermodynamics. The project demonstrated my ability to be organised and meet deadlines. It tested my troubleshooting skills as the first model Stirling Engine I built did not initially function correctly, so I had to identify the problem and formulate a solution.

I also designed a series of experiments to test the power output and efficiency of the engine. I applied skills learnt from experience in my first-year undergraduate class combined with knowledge gained at A-level, independent research and more extensive reading. I presented the project to the physicists at my university with a demonstration of my working model, which was very well received.

To experience the work of an engineer, I did a work placement at a successful engineering consultancy. I was expected to work alongside them in their current project, observing the processes they were carrying out and helping with various schematics and calculations. This experience improved my understanding of what engineers do and how they do it.

Seeing how engineers solved real-life problems enabled me to relate theory to practical application.
In my part-time job at a supermarket, I work with colleagues to meet sales targets and help customers, contributing to the store’s success. As I have become more experienced, I have been asked to help train staff new to the department.

Working part-time has shown me the importance of responsibility, punctuality and accountability. The Technical Production Crew taught me basic electronics troubleshooting and repairing faulty equipment, giving me hands-on experience with circuitry and insight into how electronic devices operate. I was a volunteer crew member for five years.

Eventually, I helped lead the team, allocating responsibilities and ensuring lighting and sound systems were set up and packed down safely and on time.

I play various musical instruments in my spare time, with ten years of experience playing the flute. I taught myself to play the guitar and violin and have played in several bands around Lancaster and the school Jubilee Concert bands.

To summarise, Engineering has become a great interest of mine, and I have ensured it is a large part of my academic and personal life. By studying for a master’s degree by submitting this mechanical engineering personal statement, I will be well-placed to play a part in the future development of advanced technologies.

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