Mathematics and Economics Personal Statement Examples

BSc Mathematics and Economics Personal Statement Example

From an early age, I was fascinated by mathematics. Reading Mad Maths magazine and participating in the Junior and Senior Maths Challenges gave me a taste for challenges. I enjoyed solving new mathematical puzzles and understanding new concepts. I think I have a logical approach when dealing with unfamiliar situations and am constantly curious to comprehend new ideas fully.

As well as studying Maths, I’ve also used my mathematical skills in other subjects I studied – Chemistry, Biology, and General Studies, along with an AS Level in Physics. My long-term ambition is to use a maths degree in a finance career. This ambition has developed through gaining two years’ worth of experience working in a small local shop on Saturdays for the past two summers and was reinforced by completing a summer internship in the accounts department of an international manufacturing firm.

I was fortunate enough to get the chance to work with the finance department. I learned a lot about how companies run and what they do. I gained an understanding of how important financial management is to any business. I am confident that my knowledge of mathematics will give me a competitive advantage in the job market. I believe that university education in maths and economics would provide me with the skills needed to succeed in today’s fast-paced environment.

I’m involved in sports and dance activities within my community. I’ve organised dances for pupils across the whole age range. I’ve helped with science clubs and worked with teachers to help them develop new ways of teaching subjects.

Outside of school, I find running a great way to relax from the pressures of school and an excellent way to keep fit. I try to go every day. For around five years, I have taken piano and clarinet lessons. I was a member of a band with Staffordshire Performing Arts, with whom I participated in numerous concerts, including a tour of Northern France and Paris.

As well as taking several music examinations, I take part in dancing classes outside of school, participate in numerous local performances, and am involved in several local events. I speak French fluently, having spent two weeks living with a local French host in the Limousin region.

During the last two summer seasons, I have worked as an unpaid volunteer at a camp for disabled kids. I’ve enjoyed the experience so much that I decided to continue volunteering next year. My outgoing personality and social abilities made it easy for me to get along with everyone, including the kids. We did lots of fun things together, such as swimming, playing games, and watching movies. I also learned how to cook and bake delicious treats for the kids. Overall, I liked being around these kids and helping them out.

University promises to be an exciting chapter of my life. I look forward to the academic challenge, opportunities, and new social connections that lie ahead. Please consider this Mathematics and Economics Personal Statement for my admission.

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