Mathematics and Computer Science Personal Statement Examples

Mathematics and Computer Science Personal Statement Example

I have always been interested in mathematics and computer science from an early age. Since starting my AS year I have been looking forward to furthering my education with a degree, as I will then be able to gain a career in Information Technology.

Thus, I wish to submit this Mathematics and Computer Science Personal Statement to get a place in your degree programme.

As well as Mathematics, I am taking Further Maths, Physics and ICT for A-level, which I believe complement each other brilliantly and have strongly sparked my enthusiasm to perform well in my studies.

To date, my favourite part of the course is calculus, a significant part of mathematics that also appears frequently in my Physics studies, allowing me to understand the subject better.

I spend much of my time from free periods in the study room, as it allows me to complete any homework I have early, enabling me time to socialise and pursue my hobbies.

Outside of school, I enjoy playing the piano and the guitar. I look forward to making friends in university to share these interests and hopefully join some groups as I want to make the most out of university life.

Another interest of mine is website design using WordPress, which I was lucky enough to look into when I was offered a work experience placement last year. My enthusiasm and commitment to the work paid off as I was given an award through the school, and I was offered a part-time job.

Moving from school to university will be an excellent opportunity for me to experience the independence and commitment that university life offers, and will be a tremendous leap towards my target career path.

Overall, I am positive that I shall thoroughly enjoy taking a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, and believe it will reward me with a strong foundation for career opportunities in the future.

Please consider my application, including this Mathematics and Computer Science personal statement, for admission into your university.

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