Marine Engineering Personal Statement Examples

BEng Marine Engineering Personal Statement Example

As a prospective undergraduate student, I want to study marine engi­neering, which will complement my interest in maths and science and satisfy my need to follow a career path in the Royal Navy as an engineer aboard one of the Royal Naval Submarines. My choice of subject helped me to develop the skills needed to be an excellent marine engineer. I hope to achieve a variety of career opportunities after graduating from university.

My main academic achievement has been gaining entry into ZZZ College. I completed the Royal Navy’s officer selection course, which required me to show leadership qualities in different situations and planning tasks. These experiences taught me valuable lessons about myself and prepared me well for university.

While attending ZZZ College, I have learned many essential skills vital to succeeding in college; my experience at ZZZ College has helped me challenge myself to reach higher goals continually. To help me manage my time effectively, I have learned how to plan and work efficiently. It is an essential part of the ethos of ZZZ College to encourage students to take responsibility for themselves and to lead by example.

Through these experiences, I have learnt how to gain confidence and assertiveness, as well as the ability to stand up for what I believe in. These qualities have enabled me to make friends with similar values and beliefs and contribute positively to the community around us.

From working on board HMS Ship in 2008, I gained an understanding of how the Royal Navy operates and being onboard; I also contacted several university students studying for degrees in engineering and met some of them at their graduation ceremony. I still have many goals for the near and distant future, but I believe that I am capable enough to achieve these goals, and I think that if I put my mind to something, I will succeed.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing rugby union and have represented my university in the local cups and the Daily Mail Vase; when not studying at university, I also play for my nearby rugby team John Doe RFC. My hobbies include participating in my local youth cadets unit, which I joined for four years before joining ZZZ College; my experience with the cadets has given me an insight into the Royal Navy and broadened my knowledge of my future careers within the navy.

The cadets have also acquired various sailing qualifications and participated in many marine engine courses. Through being involved with the cadets, I have developed a passion for the navy and am eager to learn about the different roles within the navy.

As for the future, I look forward to the challenge of studying engineering at university, working alongside like-minded people, and eventually becoming a technical officer within the Armed Services.

Thank you for this opportunity, and I hope my marine engineering personal statement will be kindly considered in your admission process.

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