Law with Management Personal Statement Examples

LLB Law with Management Personal Statement Example

I am keen on learning about law and management, legal economics, privacy, business law, employment law and other subdisciplinary areas in your law with a management degree. I hope you accept my law with management personal statement to study for your programme.

At age ten, I was interested in money management and anti-corruption. It inspired me to study law with management; however, I gained invaluable early exposure to the law because my mother is a trademark attorney in Michigan, USA.

My early interest in law enforcement has developed into a passion for the law practised in the courtroom. The path to the present, and my decision to study law in the UK, has been a winding one that has taken me to many places.

My unique experiences allow me to approach questions of law with a precise analysis of the world’s legal problems.

I spent my time after high school working in politics, theatre, health insurance, business development, and the inglorious world of food service. I studied Mandarin Chinese, mathematics, computer science, Spanish, economics, business management and the history of human trafficking.

I served as a Student-Athlete mentor to intercollegiate athletes, captained my cross-country and athletics teams and became a nationally registered Emergency Medical Technician. I cannot say I did all this in preparation for law school; it would make little sense if I did.

Nonetheless, I can state that it was enlightening, and it allowed me to now incorporate numerous viewpoints into my analysis of any problem I face. This skill enabled me to be honoured as an Emerging Progressive Champion by the Campaign for America’s Future.

As an Emerging Progressive Champion, I met former lawyer and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, who encouraged me to study law. Though focused on law school as a postgraduate, I was still undecided on an undergraduate course of study.

During this time of introspection, I travelled to England for a three-month solo tour, hoping to return with a clear plan. And, although I ended my trip to Brighton only three weeks in, after falling ill, the people I met and my newfound knowledge of the UK education system were influential.

I came back with a vision of studying law in the UK. Unable, due to family circumstances, to make the move overseas at the time, I took a class on management economics. I found myself examining all the problems from a legal perspective.

Under Professor XYZ, my economics research strayed toward law and management. The American system of higher education was hampering my progress in the study of law, and to more efficiently achieve my goals, I decided to move to the UK for studies.

Eager to begin the formal study, my readings on law and management, particularly concerning business, prove fascinating and keep me focused on a future in international business law.

Thus studying law in England, the birthplace of common law and nearer the international courts, is an opportunity I intend to make the most.

Opportunities have been plentiful in my life, though my ambitions sidetracked many. I have never lost sight of my future, a prospect I have always considered bright and intertwined with the law.

My ability to integrate my insights with those of my peers and mentors inimitably prepares me for my future arguing before His Majesty’s Courts.

I hope you will consider my application, this Law with Management personal statement and other supporting documents, for admission into your university.

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