Law and Politics Personal Statement Examples

Law and Politics Personal Statement Example

I hope you will accept my Law and Politics personal statement as I look forward to studying for this bachelor’s degree at your institution. This is because I think the challenges of a future career in government and politics in a rapidly changing environment excite me.

Through the study of politics, I intend to further my understanding and awareness of the effect of legislation and government on society. One of my main interests in high-level political study is to learn more about ideologies and their development history and perhaps undertake personal research into this.

I also intend to integrate a study of law and the legal mechanism with a view to taking a BTC and ultimately becoming a barrister. The law is considered a fundamental pillar of the state, and I am keen to become part of protecting human rights and justice.

I have highly developed analytical and comprehension skills; these have been developed through the study of AS Government and AS Music. I can apply these when considering political writings and government acts.

Analysing and gathering information from the text and musical sources are both challenging and fulfilling. I specifically enjoyed reading the novel “No Longer at Ease” by Chinua Achebe and producing a critical analysis.

I enjoyed understanding how the author deployed structure and language to imply meaning and how he made allusions to other texts and styles. Through studying music at both the A level and practically with the Trombone, I have explored elements of structure and language outside of conventional literature.

I have been able to derive meaning from poetry through studying English literature and grasp how to convey intention and alter perception by using structure and lexis, a skill I believe is necessary for studying politics.

I have experience with research-based tasks and have read works by several political figures such as Betham and Marx. The reading and understanding of ideological concepts are of particular interest to me since I propose to develop a broader knowledge of them together with the result of their application to society.

I take a great interest in global political issues and am an avid follower of the political media,, and enjoy watching parliamentary debates. I find Britain’s political development particularly fascinating, and I enjoy the interrogation of MPs and other political figures.

Through volunteering with a large project management firm, I understood the necessity of understanding legislation and governance. I have demonstrated through employment that I am mature and can motivate myself to work without external input.

My other main passion is music, and I have been studying wind instruments since the age of 8 and currently studying at Thomas College of Music. In addition, I have played and toured with Liverpool County Orchestra to Bavaria, Vienna, and Trabzonspor and at the school proms in the Harrogate Hall.

I have achieved grade 6 theory and grade 8 practical and won honours at local music competitions. Music aside, I am a keen sportsperson and fully intend to participate in university sports. I mainly play ping pong and fencing to raise money for Leukaemia research.

I now believe I am ready to undertake a degree course in law and politics, and look forward to the opportunities that come with it.

Please kindly consider my Law and Politics personal statement for admission.

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