International Relations with French Personal Statement Examples

BA International Relations with French Personal Statement Example

I would love a career that involves me in international matters that involve foreign languages such as French. That is why I have decided to write this International Relations with French personal statement to gain entry into your prestigious degree programme.

Throughout my school life, I have always favoured foreign languages over other subjects and spent lots of time, in particular, indulging myself in the French language. I sat my GCSE French exam a year early to an A* grade standard, for which the examining board sent me a letter congratulating me on being one of the candidates scoring one of the top twelve marks out of 98,450 candidates.

I completed my AS level a year early, also to grade A, with only 3 lessons per week and very little input from the teacher as she was teaching the GCSE class. A typical lesson involved working from a book on my own, demonstrating my commitment, self-motivation and independence.

The A levels I studied were French, Spanish and Psychology. I also studied Law and History up to AS level. These are a wide range of courses, and they have shown me my strengths and my weaknesses.

Whilst studying for my A levels, I work weekends at Argos, a very large DIY company. My role at work includes listening and conversing with members of the public, working as a team or independently and using initiative. Patience is a necessity, and it has given me good social skills.

One of my main passions is travelling, I love to visit new places and meet new people. I have visited Lyon and Rennes in France three times during my school trip, which has allowed me to extensively practice speaking French to native French speakers.

Also, during these French trips, I was responsible for other students, helping them speak French and speaking for them if they weren’t communicating effectively. This allowed me to practice translation and response.

Also, I have visited Senegal twice with the school. Senegal is a developing country, and we went into the Senegalese villages. I participated in African dances, teaching them sports, painting their classrooms, providing educational material and visiting their living compounds. This was the most fantastic experience of my life and gave me a lot of empathy for others.

I have been interested in developing countries and helping people all my life, and my experience in Senegal strengthened this. I plan to return sometime in the future.

Furthermore, the university is a fantastic opportunity that appeals to me. I feel I have the character that will benefit significantly from university life. I enjoy new things and change, and university sounds like the perfect way to obtain excellent qualifications, incredible experiences, and bonds.

Studying French at university will also provide me with the opportunity of living in France and immerse myself in the French language and culture. This is perfect for me and what I wish to become. University will give me career opportunities to do what I love and to travel the world, which is what I have wanted to do my whole life.

Please consider my International Relations with French personal statement for admission to your university.

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