International Relations with Business Personal Statement Examples

BA International Relations with Business Personal Statement Example

The business world has fascinated me from the perspective of both large and small businesses. I write this international relations with business personal statement to enable me to get into your degree programme.

I’m particularly intrigued by how effective, and ineffective management practices can impact profit margins. I’ve been inspired by my dad, who is now an executive at a major IT firm, and he’s shown me some of the basics of good management. He also told me about some of the pitfalls of poor management.

My decision to pursue an International Relations with Business degree comes from my growing fascination with this field. I think I possess the skills needed to excel in such a profession. My experience working for my family’s company has taught me that success comes from lots of hard work.

The recent “financial crisis” stemming from Covid-19 and the related collapse of some organisations has interested me. I have been trying to figure out what caused the initial problems and why they happened so quickly. It was definitely a stark reminder of the importance of being careful when investing.

I started working at a local garden centre as an assistant manager. My job involved monitoring the aquarium water levels and ensuring they were maintained correctly. Communication skills were important because the plants needed to be watered regularly, and if something went wrong, then, we had to quickly identify what was causing the problem so that it could be rectified. I also did a summer internship at the Surrey Wildlife Trust. Here I learned how to plan and organise projects and lead others. These experiences helped me develop my leadership skills and confidence in myself.

My decision to study International Relations with Business reflects my strong desire to understand how business transforms society and the role of international organisations. In addition, I am interested in the natural world and the impact we humans have had on it. I hope to work in an industry where I can apply these skills to help others.

I have always loved a wide range of sports. When I was younger, I took part in Judo and learnt the importance of self-control and handling success and failure. I also play Rugby and enjoy helping others out whenever possible. As a result of being chosen for the role of School Captain, I had to communicate between the teaching team and younger students, give announcements of upcoming school activities, and offer general advice and guidance.

I am an excellent student who is always willing to learn new things. I am hardworking and understand the value of teamwork. I have a positive outlook and always try to show a “can do” approach.

I believe that my broad background will help me succeed in this course. I am currently studying a mini-course on international law on Coursera, which has exposed me to critical issues about International Relations and Business.

Please kindly consider my international relations with business personal statement for admission.

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