Top 10 Universities and Colleges for International Foundation Year in the UK

Around the world, there are thousands of international foundation year programmes. In the UK, international foundation year programmes are popular. The growth in international foundation year programmes results from the increased mobility of international students. The duration of the foundation year programme is one year (12 months).

Globally, educational systems are so different that it is nearly impossible to guarantee that two students, e.g., from Nigeria and China, following the same bachelor’s or master’s programme, have the same knowledge background.

Also, it is difficult to establish if they know the same concepts, understand academic progression requirements and have similar learning styles. For this reason, UK universities narrow the gap and ensure international students have a better chance of succeeding, even if their previous secondary school education was not comparable to their peers.

This article lists the top ten institutions in the UK that offer international foundation courses. Before listing these institutions and the courses they offer, we will first answer the most frequently asked questions by international students from Nigeria about international foundation courses:

What is an international foundation year programme?

An international foundation year programme consists of courses that prepare international students for undergraduate study. There are usually four primary objectives of international foundation courses: academic content knowledge, English language development, cultural adaptation, and academic study skills.

Is an international foundation year the same as a bachelor’s degree?

An international foundation year is usually followed by undergraduate degree study at the same university or college. Nevertheless, you usually have the option to transfer to another university once your foundation year is over. To do this, you must reapply to your new university of choice via UCAS.

If you are keen on an undergraduate degree but do not want to apply for a foundation year, you can apply for an A-Levels exam. The A-Level is a popular qualification accepted by universities in the UK when you apply through UCAS.

How much does an international foundation year programme cost?

The English-speaking regions tend to have the highest annual fees. The fees at North American institutions ($18,000 – $22,500 USD); UK institutions (£9,200 – £14,000) and Australia ($13,900 – $17,200 AUD).

What are the entry requirements for an international foundation programme?

Academic credentials must be demonstrated by international applicants, usually in the form of a high school diploma or certification of college graduation. For example, your West African School Certificate or National Examination Council may be accepted, depending on the college or university. Furthermore, you will need to prove your English language proficiency by taking an English language exam, such as IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge English. Most foundation year programmes require a minimum IELTS score of 5–6, whereas undergraduate programmes require a much higher score of 6–7 If you have a C in English from your WAEC or NECO, many universities and colleges in the UK will accept it.

10 Most Popular Universities and Colleges that offer International Foundation Year Programmes in the UK

Universities and CollegesCourses and Programmes (Undergraduate Progression Routes)
Durham University – Durham University International Study CentreBusiness; Economics; Accounting; Finance; Law; Engineering; Humanities; Social Sciences.
University of Kent – International Foundation ProgrammeBusiness; Accounting; Finance; Marketing; Architecture; Computer Science; Electronic Engineering; History; Law; Journalism; Psychology; Sociology; Economics; Cultural Studies; etc.
Northumbria University Newcastle – International Foundation ProgrammeApplied Science; Art, Design and Media; Business and Law; Computing
Engineering; Humanities and Social Science.
Kaplan International College, London – Foundation CertificateArt and Design; Business, Law and Social Sciences; Science and Engineering.
Lancaster University – International Foundation YearLaw; Engineering and Computer Sciences; Mathematics and Statistics; Life Sciences; Social Studies; Business and Management.
Oxford Brookes University – International FoundationBusiness & Technology; Arts, Humanities and Law; Art and Design.
Cardiff University International Study Centre – International Foundation YearHealth, Medical and Life Sciences; Engineering, Physical Sciences and Architecture; Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Law; Business, Accounting, Finance.
University of York – International Foundation PathwaysBusiness and Finance; Computing Science and Engineering; Humanities, Creative Arts and Media; Interactive Media; Law and Social Sciences; Life Science, Biomedicine and Environment Mathematics; Economics and Actuarial Science.
INTO University of Exeter – International FoundationBiomedical, Life and Environmental Sciences Economics; Finance and Management Engineering; Mathematics, Computer Science and Physical Sciences; Humanities, Law and Social Science; Mathematics with Finance, Economics and Management.
University of Bath – International Foundation YearEducation; Economics; Health; Politics; Psychology; Business and Social Sciences
Popular Universities and Colleges that offer International Foundation Year Programmes in the UK

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