International Commercial Law Personal Statement Examples

LLM International Commercial Law Personal Statement Example 1

I want to submit this international commercial law personal statement in support of my admission because I believe that understanding international commercial law will help promote business prosperity, innovation and commerce.

My parents often question why I choose to study LLM international commercial law. International commercial law is not specific to any region or country anymore; instead, it is an issue that affects commercial entities globally.

My interest in international commercial law covers many areas of my life, as I currently participate in a volunteer scheme for small businesses. This allows me to interact with people I otherwise wouldn’t speak to. It is important to volunteer for good causes. Not only does volunteering help others, but it helps raise awareness for yourself and your community.

Interacting with different individuals originating from various cultures and background causes me to wish to comprehend how and why particular sets of commercial laws have affected their lives and business. For instance, I recently realised that access to finance is a problem for small businesses that do not have adequate collateral.

My A-Level History and Law has also given me a better understanding of the impact of policy and legislation on businesses. For example, the Vienna Convention on International Sale of Goods which has shaped how buyers and sellers do business, has been fascinating to me. For me to gain an insight into the legal aspect of making treaties is worthwhile and worth exploring in greater detail. An important skill that I have acquired is being able to research quickly so that I can find out what I need to do next.

Under pressure working conditions, my ability to find things out quickly is very useful. My studies in English history has allowed me to see how law reform has been shaped by the Law Commission and how judges make law through case decisions. My sociological studies have taught me how different communities exist within a country and how they influence decision-making.

In particular, the challenges business face with access to information and how it impacts their ability to conduct business with foreign traders is worth investigating further. The use of the bill of lading, bill of exchange and other forms of trade documents has been an eye opener for me, and I am keen to learn more about commercial transactions.

I am fluent in English as a second language. Second languages provide a wealth of cultural experience, as it is a valuable tool to have in my future job. My favourite hobby is reading novels from legal genres because it allows me to not only think about the influences behind the authors but it also helps me improve my literacy.

I also follow the news and I stay up to date with current law events, for instance, the Brexit and new economic bloc talks. Seeing how the legal systems play a large part in the transition period that Britain will go through, the role of courtrooms during this time provokes my passion to study and understand what will soon influence the future.

My ambition is to become a successful lawyer and be a part of a socially and academically community.

Please kindly consider my international commercial law personal statement for admission.

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