International Business Management Personal Statement Examples

International Business Management Personal Statement Examples

BSc International Business Management Personal Statement Example 1

I am looking forward to studying for a BSc in International Business Management because I think that the challenges of a future career in management in a rapidly changing environment excite me. My visits to Europe have made me aware of the importance of international issues and how necessary they are in today’s modern global economy.

At the GCSE level, my interest in entrepreneurship began when I was fascinated by the real-life struggles that businesses face to remain solvent. Inspired by entrepreneurs who have turned small companies from start-ups to multinational corporations, I am determined to follow in their footsteps.

My A-Level ‘Applied Business’ course has given me the chance to apply business theories in real-life settings, such as recruiting college students. I have developed communications skills through giving presentations, contributing to teams, and learning the importance of time management and prioritising tasks. I have shown persistence and dedication to completing tasks to a high level. Furthermore, I have taken an active role in devising solutions to problems.

From A-level Maths Statistics, I have gained the ability to solve problems on my own without having to ask for help.

As well as increasing my knowledge of geography and French, I’ve learned that it is essential to understand how different cultures operate and that businesses need to adapt to local conditions if they want to succeed. I’ve also become better at planning and prioritising tasks, and I am now able to write essays and speak French fluently.

The ‘Young Enterprise Programme’ at college allowed me to take charge of a business venture. I learned how to manage people effectively, negotiate contracts and deal with problems. I also learnt to be diplomatic, but to remain positive and determined. When faced with obstacles, I remained optimistic and focused, because I believed it was the only thing that would help us succeed. We made a profit of £1,200 selling personalised hoodies.

Currently, I am Chair of XYX, a charity fighting bullying in primary schools. My role involves organising events and making decisions. As part of the organisation, I help others design, carry out and evaluate activities and maintain good working relationships.

At ABC Optimus Services, I worked under the supervision of a senior manager and shadowed him for three weeks. During this time, I was introduced to various aspects of business management including how large companies operate, how they negotiate contracts, how they evaluate employees, and how they manage projects. I also received training on the skills and characteristics needed to be successful in a leadership role.

As part of my Language Studies course at university, I have been interning in Bamie, a small local store in Germany. It has given me an insight into working in different types of stores and different cultures. I am looking forward to doing a placement year abroad as part of studying languages next year.

On top of that, I’ve helped out at a Mencap Christmas party, sold fair trade products, collected for Christian Aid, marshalled the Faraday carnival downhill run, and ran in the ReachOut stretch.

My experience has taught me that I am good at managing people; I am organized, objective, practical, and quietly driven. I think these qualities have helped me become more open-minded, and they are a solid foundation for pursuing this degree.

Please kindly consider my International Business Management personal statement.

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