Information Technology Management Personal Statement Examples

Information Technology Management Personal Statement Example

I am interested in learning about information technology, data management, data security and fair use of information technology. I hope that you accept my information technology management personal statement to study for your degree programme.

People create many different machines, and it is by utilising the good ones and improving the bad that we have had many technological advances. It is for this reason of being at the forefront of new technology, not just in this country, that I am applying for a course in Information Technology Management.

I have visited the UK on many occasions, mainly in towns in the Northeast, such as Hull and Blackpool. During my time in Hull, as part of the German exchange with school, I stayed with a British family.

I learned information technology management at the firm where I worked part-time in the exchange programme. I am now in Germany, but I am interested in returning to the UK as I thoroughly enjoyed my holidays and trips there.

I also feel there are many lessons we, as a country, could learn from the UK. For example, paying a small compensation for recycled goods, or placing more emphasis on travelling by bike, instead of a car.

Outside School, I regularly work with computers and use them in my free time. I have experience working with many operating systems and software packages to enhance management productivity.

I enjoy working with computer management systems and am keen to learn more about how they work and their capabilities. I feel that as computers are becoming more a part of modern-day life, it is essential to understand them thoroughly.

I enjoy utilising new technology and am interested in creating new software to support management and board decisions.

My English communication skills are very good. I have improved them through my temporary summer jobs, such as working in an eBay auctioning shop in Blackpool. I have also, on many occasions, represented my School’s rugby team in Dusseldorf, even as the captain for a few years.

This has allowed me to learn about working as part of a team and taught me the importance of perseverance and audacity.

These activities have helped me develop my core skills, such as communication, independent problem solving and working with others, in a team environment.

I aim to pursue a career in ICT and management, working with programming and management software. I am also interested in finding a career in Germany or Uk after my studies.

I hope you will consider my application, this Information Technology Management personal statement and other supporting documents, for admission into your university.

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