Industrial Engineering Personal Statement Examples

Industrial Engineering Personal Statement Example

There was a time in history when the girl child could not undertake any course in the engineering field. It was not prohibited, but because society had made it seem that men pursue engineering courses. I already knew my academic strengths and weaknesses by completing my secondary school studies. I knew the units I enjoyed the most, and I could tell the fields where I felt I could do well. Mathematics and sciences were my favourites, and joining my advanced level, I decided to pursue mechanics.

My parents and peers often reminded me of the phrase curiosity killed the cat. Of course, my curiosity did not get me killed, but it always led me to trouble. Aside from my interest in physics, I always wanted to know how everything around me works. My parents, especially my father, could buy his gadgets for work, and I could end up causing damage even before the intended result. An engineer’s usual excuse would be that I was curious and wanted to find out how it works, all by myself.

The course mainly dealt with mathematics and physics; to be honest; there is nothing as exciting as applying the two in the real world. I have been to an uncountable mathematics congress which enabled me to level up my logical thinking for mathematical problem-solving. My experience working as an engineer has been the best opportunity I have ever had. I worked with a team that had been assigned a project intended to help the refugees who were in the local community. The experience was challenging, but I had a chance to learn the importance of teamwork and communication.

I was also lucky to have a first-hand experience of the daily challenges engineers go through before they can actualise their innovations. Even though my contribution to the project was not too much, being part of the team was very rewarding. I grasped a lot of knowledge in a short period; honestly, no lecturer would teach such concepts in class.

I am on attachment in a company that deals with rolling stock equipment. The manager placed me in the department mainly focusing on design, where my primary role has been on modifications. I have gained insights into how different industrial engineers work and the various types of work the job is involved. During my free time, I enjoy being part of the football teams of our locals. From this participation, I have learned and implemented the art of teamwork which is an essential tool in engineering.

School is a vital step in every person’s career journey. My main aim is to focus more on my school work, not only for certifications but to gather more knowledge and the required skills to do well in my career. My primary source of motivation is the urge to do well and my level of curiosity in me. With the two, I am always keen to learn. I desire to further my knowledge in a world full of infinite possibilities where my primary aspiration is to succeed as an industrial engineering student.

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