Human Biology Personal Statement Examples

Human Biology Personal Statement Examples samples

Human Biology Personal Statement Example

My fascination with other species has grown since taking Biology A1. It has made me want to know more about the anatomy and physiology of mammals, their defence and immune systems, and their survival abilities. For example, the way the African lion can withstand the effects of a poisonous snake bite.

Ethics and Philosophy has allowed me to achieve a high degree of analytical and critical thinking skills, which have increased my ability to think logically when applying these skills to different situations. It has also improved my understanding of scientific theories, such as evolutionary biology and natural selection.

My favourite part of the course was the Physiological Systems module. I found it interesting to learn how our bodies functioned and evolved over the years. I’ve always been fascinated by biology and evolution, so I thought it would be fun to learn more about them.

I thoroughly enjoyed biology during my AS year and even more during my A2 year with an emphasis on physiology. My favourite topic was the nervous systems of various species and how they functioned differently depending on the environment they were living in. For example, the earthworms had giant axon neurons, which sped up the transmission of the electrical signal, allowing them to move quickly through the soil.

Another exciting aspect of biology was how different animal groups related to each other within ecosystems and how these ecosystems differed. An example of this would be the niche that certain species occupy within an environment and how an imbalance of species could affect the whole environment. Finally, I found the subject of ecology very intriguing, especially how changes in the environment affected the balance of life within an environment.

During these activities, I’ve learned persevering skills, which have made me better at school. I’ve also developed good sportsmanship, which has given me the courage to volunteer for things outside of school. All of these experiences have contributed to making me a well-rounded person.

My current job involves working in a veterinary clinic. This has been very useful because it allows me to get close to the animal world. I have achieved the Bronze Award in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and am currently completing the Silver Award. This scheme focuses heavily on personal development and helps people achieve goals they may not have thought possible. It teaches them how to manage their time effectively and encourages them to take responsibility for themselves. It also allows them to develop new skills, such as first aid and leadership. The Duke of Edinburgh scheme is an outstanding achievement and shows that I can be responsible for myself.

At my previous school, I received the Charles Braye Memorial Award for Excellence in Character, which cites ‘being the best you can at no one else’s expense’ for my attitude to work and school relationships. I also had the privilege of going to Africa and experiencing what it was like to live in a rural village without electricity and lacking essential resources such as clean drinking water. Such experiences have been the most memorable ones for me; I gained a relatively rare experience outside my comfort zone and everyday lifestyle. I also learnt to appreciate what I had and not to take it for granted.

As for the university, I’m looking forward to it because I think these courses are especially suited to me since they focus on my interests; I’m enthusiastic about them, and I feel that my current subjects could help me prepare for studying them.

Thank you for this opportunity, and I hope my human biology personal statement will be kindly considered in your admission process.

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