How Much Does an Online Degree Cost?

An online degree cost can be affordable when compared to on-campus degrees. We will discuss why it is important to consider online degree costs when studying a distance learning course at a university.

Online degrees are usually cheaper than traditional degrees. However, they are not always free and they attract a fee. It would be best to consider whether an online programme will be worth the cost before enrolling.

The cost of a degree is a common question people ask when choosing a programme.

How much does a four-year traditional degree cost?

The price of attending a four-year university degree can be anywhere from $30,000 to over $125,000, depending on where you live, your choice of university and what type of programme you choose. This is why many students look for ways to cut costs by going to an online university instead of a traditional brick-and-mortar campus.

The main reason why students go to online universities is that they want to save money. Online degree costs are lower and are much cheaper than traditional ones.

Some universities offer free tuition in exchange for working as an intern or teaching assistant. You may also find yourself paying less if you decide to take out student loans. 

It makes perfect sense to compare an online degree cost at the institutions offering them. Some online universities offer transparent upfront information about the online degree cost, while others remain relentless.

Difference between an online education vs a traditional on-campus education

The main difference between online and on-campus education is the location. Some universities have campuses around the world. This allows students to interact with their professors and classmates face-to-face. Online education is delivered virtually, and students can participate remotely from any location with an internet connection.

Why is an online degree programme cheaper than an on-campus traditional degree?

Online degrees are cheaper because fewer physical facilities and resources are available to online students. There are no dormitories, libraries, cafeterias, gyms, etc.

Other reasons why an online degree is cheaper than doing a degree on-campus are because:

  • Many professors prefer to teach online. They do not need to travel to different campuses to give lectures. Professors don’t need to pay for gas, hotels, and other expenses. The university does not need to cover these expenses if the professor teaches online.
  • Another reason why online degree courses are less expensive because they do not require students to buy books. Most students who enrol in a degree on-campus purchase textbooks, but online degree courses do not need them.
  • They provide virtual access to resources and databases such as Scopus and EBSCOhost, allowing students to read the textbook online. This saves money for both the student and the university.
  • Online university degrees allow for more flexibility. Traditional universities usually require students to get up early in the morning and stay late into the night. Because online university degrees are flexible, they allow students to study at their own pace. This gives them more time to complete assignments and earn good grades.
  • In addition to saving money, completing an online degree also offer better career opportunities. Online degree graduates often get jobs within their field of study, even before graduation.

If you are interested in earning your degree online, you should consider comparing the cost of an online degree vs a traditional one. It will help you determine whether or not you should pursue an online degree.

Cost is one of several factors to consider when choosing an online degree program. Online courses are convenient and flexible. They are usually accessible 24/7 online, and you can study whenever suits you best.

Best online degree costs globally

CountryOnline Degree Cost (Yearly in USD)
United Kingdom$7,400 – $13,200
United States of America$4,700 – $22,000
New Zealand$3,190 – $11,100
Canada$5,250 – $17,500
Australia$3,340 – $12,700
Best online degree costs globally

Can I do an internship in an online degree programme?

Many universities offer internships and other opportunities to gain hands-on experience. Online degree programmes offer virtual internships, while traditional on-campus programmes can offer internships at a workplace.


In conclusion, online degrees and online learning have become increasingly popular. Many people find it easier to learn while sitting at home rather than commuting to class. It also benefits those who want to save on online degree costs.

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