Health Psychology Personal Statement Examples

Health Psychology Personal Statement Example 1

I’m sending this personal statement because I’m very inspired to enrol in a master’s degree in health psychology, and I want to be considered as a candidate. The grade for my psychology bachelor’s degree was a GPA of 3.7. I have always wanted to be a health psychologist, and I believe your University can help me enhance my career.

Two things drive my interest. First and foremost, I genuinely want to do everything I can to help others. For me, the key to assisting people in enhancing their well-being is having a solid grasp of human behaviour. It inspired me to look for knowledge and experiences outside my university classrooms and textbooks.

I spent 30 hours observing a licensed health psychologist at an educational consultancy while engaging in supervised clinical child psychology practice. I could not have picked any other career because I enjoyed my time there. I joined a foundation where we used exercises and movements to improve the social skills and perspectives of autistic kids. I encountered a variety of kids with various difficulties over these months.

I want to explore your University because of its quality infrastructure and professional staff. Additionally, I love animals and can’t even begin to express how much my dogs have loved me. That is why I think dogs can enhance therapy in some way. In addition, dance is my passion. I did it for ten years in the past. Outside our homes, it is typically a group activity that gets our bodies moving while we listen to music.

Additionally, I am interested in researching the many forms of mental illness and how well different treatments work. My professional experience has shown me how much more I still need to learn to become a proficient health psychologist.

I would be ecstatic to enrol in the upcoming program. I believe I am adequately equipped for graduate studies in health psychology, and the University’s resources and my strong motivation and professional objectives are a suitable match. I assure you that I will ensure I follow instructions and give my maximum cooperation to the staff at the University. Thank you for this opportunity, and I hope to hear from you soon.

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