Forensic Psychology Personal Statement Examples

Forensic Psychology Personal Statement Example 1

Since earning my psychology bachelor’s degree, I have been driven to further my understanding of motivation and behaviour in people and use what I have learned to make a real difference in the lives of those around me. I was thrilled to learn about your Forensic Psychology degree because I believe it will provide me with the knowledge and abilities I need to have a significant impact on the criminal justice system.

During my final year of university, I participated in a prison listener program offered by the Samaritans, which sparked my interest in crime and punishment. I answered hundreds of calls from suffering prisoners and employees. I obtained a problematic understanding of the psychological distress many people in the prison system experience regularly.

To better comprehend the prisoners’ perspectives and staff, I also volunteered with the UK government’s Independent Monitoring Board, which involved analysing the daily living conditions at my neighbourhood prison. The chance to participate in the Board’s monthly reports, which guide regional and federal government policy, was warmly welcomed.

I took a short criminal psychology module in my final year of undergraduate studies, which helped me understand the complex causes and effects of criminal behaviour. Learning about the prevalence of re-offending and the flaws in rehabilitation facilities that frequently cause it was one area of the module that I found very interesting (and frustrating).

My grasp of psychology and my volunteer work within the jail system have persuaded me that a career as a forensic psychologist would be the most effective way to use my experience, enthusiasm, and expertise. I am particularly interested in dealing with prisoners in danger of reoffending, so the course’s rehabilitation and risk assessment module and the opportunity to get real-world experience in parole services caught my attention.

I believe that although there has been a significant moral shift from punishment to prevention and rehabilitation for some time, it has not yet gone far enough. Forensic psychology plays a significant role in fostering this social shift. Forensic psychology plays a significant role in fostering this social shift. I intend to use the knowledge I’ve gained in the future to aid in breaking the vicious cycle of crime.

I would be thrilled to sign up for the next class. I feel I have the necessary background for graduate work, and the University’s resources, combined with my strong drive and career goals, make for a good match. I promise to ensure I listen to instructions and work with all university staff members as closely as possible. I appreciate the chance, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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