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Finance Personal Statement Example 1

My parents (accounting graduates) say that I always had a unique smile when I touched and counted money as a child, ever since I was young. The business world was introduced to me quite early, whereas my father saw the heights of the international market as a chartered accountant.

By the time I was thirteen, I could discuss assets and liabilities with my older peers, particularly with my father.

Thanks to my older friend, I discovered a book titled ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Mr Kiyosaki, which gave my early experiences some structure and meaning. During that period, I was allowed to join a new school initiative on financial literacy.

The optional subject on Internationalisation that I studied during my undergraduate days taught me about the interdependence of developing countries, wealth and poverty, and financial inclusion in developing economies.

I found it appealing, just as Monopoly had before. As I studied Kiyosaki’s financial world, I realised that it was connected to the injustice occurring to the poor. Money, after all, holds the world’s economy together. 

After conducting an extensive study of access to finance in the petroleum industries in Africa in my undergraduate dissertation, I have gained some understanding of how our society depends on commodity exchange and its effects in the developing world. At the same time, I found myself enjoying the financial markets surrounding it.

I got an idea of what my dad did when he was an accountant during my internship at his office as an undergraduate student. I learned business skills that I then used to manage my mum’s school cafeteria’s finances. My contribution was to develop a new, simple Excel system that made the accounting process more transparent and comprehensible.

In addition to studying, I enjoy engaging in physical activity as well. In my early childhood, I played football and enjoyed how our team worked together.

Upon joining the initiative on financial literacy, I created an online football manager gaming community, and we’ve been getting together virtually for over three years since we graduated. Working together with other ex-classmates has taught me to learn to work with others and to plan resources accordingly.

My friends don’t remember ever seeing me in a bad mood, and I believe participating in sports makes me uncommonly happy. England is my choice for my future because I wish to study Finance in the English language and want to experience a multicultural environment. Having the opportunity to gain real-life experience and a wealth of practical education in finance at university simply cannot be refused, which is why I am so drawn to it.

I am looking for an excellent educational experience and want to establish myself in a well-located job after finishing graduate school. With a better understanding of what I could accomplish to better our global financial environment, I want to return home after my studies to apply my knowledge.

Since finance is my academic home and we live in a financial world, I want to be able to understand and contribute to its enhancement.

Please consider my Finance personal statement to study for a degree at your university.

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