Epidemiology Personal Statement Examples

Epidemiology Personal Statement Example

Being a part of such incredible work as a disease prevention volunteer during the covid 19 pandemic has piqued my interest in epidemiology and disease prevention. The natural sciences, mathematics, and human physiology were all areas in which I excelled long before I entered university.

My high school chemistry teacher, who was also a practising physician, and two of my professors at the university where I earned both my undergraduate degree, gave me my start as a research assistant, where I honed my lab and research chops, gained self-assurance, and expanded my technical vocabulary.

While in university, I did a lot of research on DNA sequencing, which turned out to be a topic I liked studying and sparked my interest in pursuing a career in academic research. I was one of just three students chosen from the entire student population to perform the research.

It was an honour and privilege I took exceptionally seriously because my professors had noticed how passionate I was about the subject matter. The fact that we could present our findings made me feel very accomplished and encouraged me to continue along this path in life.

Field monitoring of chemical applications and informed recommendations have been the mainstays of my work. I have always known that I want to go into epidemiology. Growing up, I was exposed to more fields of study, learned more about science, and honed in on the specific areas of study that most interested me.

I have always made time to volunteer, and I have spent many of those hours working in hospitals and classrooms, where I have enjoyed interacting with interdisciplinary teams, patients, and students.

I felt compelled to learn about the various people I had met, identify patterns among them, and find ways to make a positive difference in as many people’s lives as possible. My whole life has been spent caring for ailing friends and family. I have earned the nickname “Dr. ABC” due to my many hours of reading up on health and disease topics and consulting with epidemiologists and biostatisticians.

My social skills, cultural understanding, sense of agency, confidence, and sense of self have all improved due to my participation in interdisciplinary research teams and volunteer work in clinics and schools. What’s more, coming from a disadvantaged background and making it out has given me a deep empathy for those who are also struggling and a strong desire to give them the resources they need to improve their lives.

My experience working and volunteering in high-pressure settings has taught me to maintain my composure no matter how intense the situation is.

This expertise, born of solid time management and organisation, will help me tremendously in my research work, where I can confidently take on the rigours and expectations of the epidemiology program. I do all I can to boost people’s confidence and sense of competence, and I steer them gently toward solutions that make sense given their specific situations.

As a result of my extensive involvement in a wide variety of volunteer, academic, and professional settings, I can communicate effectively with people of all walks of life, creeds, cultures, and backgrounds, and have even had strangers confide in me or seek advice from me, usually on matters of health.

In any case, I appreciate your time and thought, and I look forward to my future with your institution. Please consider my epidemiology personal statement for admission.

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