Environmental Law Personal Statement Examples

LLM Master in Environmental Law Personal Statement Example

Large corporations rely heavily on power, even if it means harming the environment in the process. Earning a master’s degree in environmental law would give me the expertise I need to make positive changes and show that wealth and environmental responsibility are compatible.

Every week, new reports emerge detailing the devastating effects of rising temperatures and human activity on the planet. I am perturbed about the plight of Arctic species like the polar bear and the beluga whale and the region’s declining albedo. For this reason, I am eager to learn about the causes and effects of climate change at your university.

In pursuing knowledge of climate change, I enrolled in a self-paced, online course titled “Climate Change: The Science.” Thanks to this course, I have learned much more about energy system dynamics, greenhouse gases, and other foundations of climate science. Hope Jahren, a plant biologist, writes about her enthusiasm for plants in her book Lab Girl, and Tristan Gooley writes about his fascination with water in his book How to Read Water; both books are fascinating not only because of the author’s evident enthusiasm for their subjects but also because they are grounded in fascinating, empirical research conducted in the natural world.

However, my call for environmental protection originates in concerns for animal welfare and the effects of human activity. Therefore, I devote much of my spare time to helping animals, to give them a second chance at life after being abandoned or abused by humans. Just like in nature, this mission gives me a sense of purpose and responsibility as I work to protect something helpless to do so on its own.

My primary criteria when deciding where to travel has always been the opportunity to experience nature. I took a year off when I was 19, working and travelling, living out of my car. I was fortunate enough to win a company sponsorship. I decided to spread the word about the company in hopes of helping other individuals get sponsorship.

My interest was piqued by reports of the extreme pollution in lakes, particularly deep ones. My interest in pursuing a degree in a field related to environmental law and protection has only grown as I have learned more about the myriad environmental problems plaguing the world.

I am confident that your University’s Master in Environmental Law will allow me to build a career with a significant environmental impact because of your school’s excellent academic reputation and strong association with intergovernmental and national policymakers. The coursework for this degree will provide me with invaluable experience in climate change research and practical consulting.

I aim to work in Corporate Social Responsibility or as an Environmental, Social, and Governance consultant, and I believe this program will help me get there. I am very excited to begin my new adventure in a foreign country, where I hope to take full advantage of all educational possibilities.

Please consider my LLM Master in Environmental Law personal statement for admission to your university.

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