Engineering Management Personal Statement Examples

Engineering Management Personal Statement Example

The decision to further my education with a Master’s degree in Engineering Management was taken solely by me. I believe it is an essential aspect of my development in life as a person and I hope you will kindly accept this engineering management personal statement as I seek admission to study at your university.

I began thinking about engineering management in my second year in university when I was taught construction management. I became fond of engineering management, not just in academics but also in the real world. I started reading more journals and newspapers regarding engineering management.

My interest was reflected in my degree as I excelled very well in the module engineering management. In light of this, I have decided to boost my academic success by studying engineering management, not only because I profoundly enjoy or have an interest in this subject but also because of its importance and role in many organisations.

Since I commenced my undergraduate studies, my persistent hard work and dedication have paid off. I was merely average in my first year as a fresh student, but I am now tipped ahead of my colleagues in the second year. Apart from my perseverance, passion for my course and desire to perfect my skills, my study methods have contributed to this improved performance, which has convinced me of my unmistakable potential in further study.

Construction management comprehends analysis, quality, management, process and systems skills. Through my undergraduate study of construction management, I have acquired helpful knowledge in various fields and realised that we, as humans, can solve problems most effectively and efficiently through a comprehensive application of knowledge.

In my previous study, my department then noticed I was a determined student seeing from my first-year results that I did well. My focus and hard work have paid well in my current school, and I am continuously improving my performance and discipline.

I learnt in my study, especially in stress analysis and finite element analysis modules, that learning theories or fundamental principles look easy. Still, it’s rather challenging when applied to a practical solution.

In my future engineering management degree programme, I expect to receive systematic education and training in management with particular emphasis on financial management, leadership, product management and personal skills development. I aim to improve my knowledge of leadership and safe production and develop my skills to give me a real chance in a managerial position within any organization.

I view myself as well-prepared for your well-respected master’s programme. Apart from the sound academic foundation I have acquired, I am most proud of my ability to undertake an engineering project and apply management.

I chose to apply to your university because of its proven success and its affiliation with leading industries. I look forward to being part of a renowned institution like yours. I sincerely hope my application could be most seriously considered because your decision will impact my future.

Please accept my engineering management personal statement for admission to your university.

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