Educational Psychology Personal Statement Examples

Educational Psychology Personal Statement Example

I submit this educational psychology personal statement because one day I want to become an educational and child psychologist. I grew up in a family of teachers. As a result, I know how important it is, and I clearly understand what it means to help students succeed. My interest in becoming an educational psychologist goes back to when I was involved in an accident.

The accident impacted my life, but I was lucky to survive. The situation led me to a slight state of depression in my college life, but I did not allow it to affect my studies. I did get help from an experienced educational psychologist.

Our school psychologist supported me and walked me through my whole healing journey. Seeing myself back to my feet again was a turning point for me, and that is when I decided that I would also be an educational psychologist in the future.

The working of the human brain is a very interesting topic. We learn how our minds interpret situations and give us strategies to deal with them. The most exciting part is that in whatever case, every decision an individual makes is always unique. I was done with college and enrolled in my undergraduate course, where I took my first psychology class.

During this period, I realised that psychology plays a massive role in education. A psychologist is expected to determine what will help retain a student’s interest so they can complete the set curriculum.

Frequently changing schools was also a challenge when I was young. Being so ever reliant on my old friends deeply affected me the moment I was moved to a boarding school. It became so hard for me to make new friends, and crying was the order of the day. It took me time, and I had to be assigned a counsellor for advice and support.

Ever since I started my psychology classes, whenever I had free time, I would volunteer in a nearby clinic where I would interact with mentally ill children. What motivated me to volunteer was the fact that these kids had been shunned away due to their preexisting illnesses. Such kind of rejection resulted in their poor performance in school.

Through my interactions with the kids, I instilled positive values and self-confidence, which led to increased performance. They also started showing signs of getting back on track in development; of course, they had skipped several milestones due to their trauma.

My utmost desire is to further my psychology studies so I can go in-depth and enhance my knowledge of educational strategies and child psychology. The two fields play a considerable role in determining student progress. I am also optimistic about working with experts in the discipline.

That way, I can be in the limelight during the stages of development. Also, I will know how education and psychology are related to the area.

Thank you for considering my educational psychology personal statement for admission to study for a master’s degree at your university.

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