Economics Personal Statement Examples

BSc Economics Personal Statement Example

I am applying for an Economics degree course because of my natural interest in the world around me. Hopefully, you will kindly accept my Economics personal statement for my admission.

I feel that studying this area can give me a better grounding for the world of work and will seriously help me get a job I enjoy. Doing my research, I have also discovered economics graduates attract some of the highest starting salaries. This has further boosted my desire to study economics.

My passion for Economics began when friends and family recommended it. Since starting the subject at sixth form college, I have found it both stimulating and enjoyable, gaining an A grade at the end of year one.

My three main areas of interest are a mixture of what I enjoy most and will help me get the best career after graduation. Monetary policy is probably my main interest, as this subject we covered at AS level was something I found absorbing and fascinating. There are also many attractive career paths in this area, including banking and being an economist.

I also enjoy the mathematical side of economics, and I believe my A-level maths will benefit my understanding of economics at the degree level. My final area of interest is the study of small businesses, which was covered in my business studies GCSE, as I find their personality more appealing than large conglomerates.

My study of A-level Law relates strongly to businesses and the economy, as this year will be spent on contract law, and we have so far covered business contracts and sale of goods law. I believe knowledge of this will significantly help my studies and give me a head start on some of the work.

My life outside college is very active; I participate in many sports, playing swimming at the county level and handball. I have also represented my college in handball, while I play badminton regularly for fun. I grew up playing sports at least twice weekly and have taken them seriously.

On average, now, I play handball and badminton once or twice each week and play others for fun in the occasional spare time I have. Playing team sports as often as I do has helped me to work well with others, and to mix easily with other students and adults alike.

On the creative side, I learnt to play the drums for three years at key stage 3; however, I stopped drumming as I was not allowed to practice at home.

I am also preparing to start rehearsals for the lead role in a play written by a friend, a remake of Macbeth. This will be performed at our local village hall, with an audience of approximately 190 persons. Currently, I am enjoying learning to drive.

All in all, I believe I would be well suited to an economics course at your university, as I would grow and benefit from the learning experience, my work rate and enthusiasm would be high, and I would contribute to many of the sports teams, and mix well with other students.

Please consider my application, including this Economics personal statement, for admission into your university.

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