Economics and Management Personal Statement Examples

BSc Economics and Management Personal Statement Example

I am applying for a place at your university to do a bachelor’s degree, and I hope you will kindly accept my application and this economics and management personal statement.

Economics and management have always been a keen interest of mine from a young age. Watching my father work in the hospitality sector made me eager to pursue something similar.

Starting the GCSE economics courses and some business disciplines, learning about the economy and how entrepreneurs succeed in business inspired me to start trading on Amazon and take a keen interest in the world of finance.

Studying management and economics at the A level has been extremely enjoyable and exciting. I learnt various theories and was able to put them into current contexts. Recently, I wrote a piece of coursework about the effect of cutting taxes on the EU economy, which was a fascinating topic to research, especially when comparing EU tax levels to other countries and their effects on economic performance.

I enjoy keeping up to date with current affairs, particularly the world markets. I read “The Economist” weekly and also look at economics & financial books. Studying French at the A level has given me a greater understanding of the language and the many opportunities to work in the European Union, which will be supported by studying for an economics and management degree.

Last summer, I was fortunate to have work experience with Weston Dalian, a stock broking firm in Northampton. I sat with a group of analysts, including one of the directors, who showed me how to use the Bloomberg stations and gave me advice on evaluating potential companies, particularly in the Chinese and EU market.

I have also worked in the revenue department of Governor Hotels, learning how room rates are set depending on the time of year and how external bookings are made. I learnt a great deal very quickly, spending time within each department. This gave me an insight into both professions, working with motivated staff who work very long hours and, in many cases, under extreme pressure.

Sports has been a crucial part of my life. I have enjoyed playing college football, rugby and tennis at school and within my home community. I currently play U17 premier division National League Cricket. This involves a high commitment to travelling around the UK and training regularly. I would love to play in the university leagues. I have also been involved in various charity games and fundraising events.

In year 12, I spent my November half-term training to become a web designer, which I achieved. I was then responsible for helping an online shop manage its inventory. I was also been a web designer at school as a volunteer. I have had various part-time jobs since 13, such as being a carer, waiter, bar assistant and cleaner. These have all given me a good insight into the world of work.

Embarking on a university degree course will, I hope, help me to ultimately work in the stock broking field. I am also looking forward to experiencing life as a student at university, which I am sure, will help me enter my chosen field.

Please consider my economics and management personal statement supporting my application.

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