Dentistry Personal Statement Examples

Dentistry Personal Statement Example 1

When I finished my A-Levels, I knew I wanted to pursue a career which combined the practical application of science with patient care. Dentistry stood out for me because of its mixture of diagnosis, treatment and intricate manual work. This dentistry personal statement will help me get admitted to your university thus allowing me to forge long-lasting relationships with patients, and experience helping people maintain their health and appearance.

Furthermore, a profession where it is possible to become my boss whilst working as part of a team. Dentistry not only offers all of this but is an ever-expanding field that requires a commitment to lifelong learning, which appeals to me.

To gain a greater understanding of dentists, I spent two weeks shadowing various dentists at a local NHS dental surgery. Whilst doing so, I observed various procedures such as teeth whitening, dental implants, filling cavities and orthodontics.

What struck me about these procedures was how the dentist would take great care to ensure that the procedure went smoothly and that the client felt comfortable throughout. I was amazed to see how the dentist could calm the client and put them at ease through effective communication techniques.

I was equally surprised to learn just how much effort and determination goes into dealing with the stress involved in the job. These are qualities that I am very proud of, and I hope to develop them further in future.

Last year, I was given a chance to apply my leadership skills while living in New Zealand. I worked as a junior lead staff within a big souvenir shop, mainly with foreign workers during the busy holiday season.

After just four weeks, the management thought I had enough leadership abilities to take charge of the whole operation. The job involved delegating tasks to other junior staff members and supervising the flow of goods into the warehouse. It was a great learning curve, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Teamworking and communications within a dental practice are very important with clients and staff members, similar to a medical centre. I’m volunteering at my local clinic, a position I’ve held for the past nine months. As a member of a multidisciplinary group, I regularly interact with dentists and nurses, discussing issues such as skin rash or changes in patients’ health status.

On surgical units, I often communicate with anxious patients about upcoming procedures and attempt to calm them down by speaking to them politely and respectfully. Patients I encounter vary in age, personality and background. Meeting a diverse range of people like this every single working hour has positively impacted my interpersonal skills.

Away from work, I keep fit, and this summer, I completed my first-ever college triathlon. To prepare for the race, I had to develop and adhere to a rigid workout regime, which took a lot of willpower to follow. The feeling of achievement I experienced after finishing the triathlon was incredible.

To maintain my fitness levels, I played sports at college, I also captained a five-a-sides football team. I am enthusiastic about music and have been playing the piano and electric organ for twelve summers.

An advantage of playing these instruments is that they improve your dexterity and coordination skills, which can prove helpful in dentistry. Although I realise that becoming a dentist is a challenging career choice, I know I possess the drive and ambition to succeed in any situation.

Please kindly consider my dentistry personal statement for admission to your university.

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