Construction Project Management Personal Statement Examples

BSc Construction Project Management Personal Statement Example

I would love a career that involves me in the creation of unique buildings. This is why I have decided to write this construction project management personal statement to gain entry into your prestigious degree programme.

I believe that I can achieve this through a construction project management degree. Construction project management itself is very broad and encompasses a wide range of subjects. It is the architectural side that particularly interests me.

When I was twelve, my sister set up a property business and built two houses on a plot behind our house. This project took three years to complete. During these three years, I lived on site and could see firsthand how a project of this nature began, developed and finished. I saw building techniques and structures take shape and took an active interest in the things happening around me. I sat from the sidelines, learning by watching other people work.

From this, I gained a unique experience and much knowledge. As a result, this project gave me an insight into architecture and building, and I found enjoyment in this subject area. This has played a large part in my decision to continue my studies at university.

I have also had hands-on experiences more recently. For example, over two weeks one summer, I worked alongside someone to point and roof an old house in Hatfield. This taught me new techniques and efficient teamwork – given that only two of us were there.

Furthermore, I find myself with an active, everyday interest in many aspects of construction project management, from mechanical structures to innovative architectural designs. I also find the combination of architecture and art particularly intriguing.

Currently, I am studying for a Design and Technology foundation course – this course that I enjoy very much and feel has given me a taste of what an engineering degree course might be like. I have decided I want to pursue this to a higher level. I also study Mathematics and Further Mathematics, a significant part of construction project management.

I enjoy these subjects because, at times, they can be a challenge which is both enjoyable, to work through and rewarding, to overcome. I believe these subjects, combined with Design and Technology, should give me a solid foundation for my degree. I also take Biology. This subject isn’t related to engineering and construction as such. Still, I feel it has developed my analytical ability and could be useful during environmental aspects of a degree course, should it be required.

Throughout the year, I regularly play recreational football and tennis in the summertime. However, my primary sport is volleyball, so I am passionate and train five times weekly. I play volleyball at the national level and have played at this level for the last two years, during which I have learnt much about teamwork. Last year my team came 5th overall in the England and Wales national sixth-form college finals.

Volleyball has taken me up and down the country and even the United States. My journey to the US was a three-week trip. I was fortunate enough to be selected, for which I attended two volleyball camps. I enjoyed it infinitely, even though it was the two most physically challenging weeks of my life. It taught me the enjoyment and reward of hard work.

Within volleyball, I have also completed my level 1 refereeing course and my level 1 coaching award. The two each taught me something different. The refereeing course enhanced my decisiveness, and the coaching awarded my ability to interact and work with people.

Outside of college, I work part-time on the tills at Tesco to earn money and job experience for the future. Furthermore, up until the age of twelve, I played the piano to grade 4 standard, at which point I started to get serious about my sport, and as a result, that took priority. For me, I wish to continue the studies for which I am most passionate, in higher education, so that I not only gain knowledge but experience and intuition that can serve me well in my future career.

Please consider my construction project management personal statement for admission to your university.

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