Computer Science Personal Statement Examples

BSc Computer Science Personal Statement Example

Since early childhood, I always wanted to study computer science and I hope you would kindly accept this computer science personal statement as I currently seek admission at your sought-after university.

I developed a fascination with how people use computers and technology to do virtually anything in this modern age. My first experiences on a computer were primarily with Java and CSS. I discovered that computing was my biggest academic strength in primary school; when my teacher would often ask me for help with operating a computer.

My desire to understand programming has influenced my choice to self-learn the basics of Java and C++ Languages. Advancing in this area will hopefully satisfy my interest in games and software development.

I have a strong enthusiasm for computer science as I have always found operating PCs and most electronics accessible. Studying ICT at the GCSE level developed my knowledge of Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.

On the other hand, Graphic products GCSE taught me the basics of CAD and CAM to design and manufacture a product using computer software and hardware.

Applied ICT was more challenging in college due to the requirement of learning how to use new programmes such as Dreamweaver to create HMTL/CSS based webpages. After achieving a grade B, I decided to continue the course to the A2 level. I am also studying Double ICT as a further AS in my second year of college.

The reason is that a section of the course is more related to a computer’s physical components, which I enjoy studying. The challenge of building a PC and installing an operating system will hopefully be helpful should I ever wish to apply my new learned skills to construct a computer of my own.

I also enjoy problem-solving and logic challenges, which promote my dedication to studying mathematics. Being one of my most vital subjects in school, I achieved a grade A in GCSE. In my second year of college, I am currently studying Maths, Applied ICT and Business Studies at A2. Between these studies, I am also a Student Representative, which requires me to discuss any issues with my Tutor group and put these forward to the college.

My first employment was working at St Thomas’s Academy whilst being refurbishment. The team immediately recognised my skills using a computer, and I was then assigned to sorting the building blueprints and creating computer mock presentations.

I have also worked for a takeaway and clothing retail store, which requires me to overcome the challenge of working under pressure. My most exciting employment was working for Demosoft at Highmore School. I spent a week as a Trainee IT Technician during an academic holiday.

Four co-workers and I had to set up the network and 150 BIBLO PC machines. This is when I realised I genuinely wanted to pursue a computing-orientated career. I firmly believe that studying computer science at the university level will push me forward in achieving my dream job.

Although my studies are my main priority, I have an appreciation for a few sporting activities. In secondary school, I was a member of the football team. This interest taught me a great deal about the effectiveness of teamwork.

Music also plays a part in my life, having gone to concerts to watch some of my favourite bands and artists. Currently, I am a part-time weekend staff member at Debenhams in Portsmouth city centre.

I have a solid motivation to learn more and share knowledge. My self-motivation keeps me positive and determined to achieve my potential. I hope to gain both life and academic experiences and provide an excellent contribution to the university.

Please accept my computer science personal statement for admission to study for a bachelor’s degree at your university.

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