Clinical Psychology Personal Statement Examples

Clinical Psychology Personal Statement Example

Ever been in a situation where your friend or relative is looking up to you for help, but you are not in a position? My interest in psychology began when I had a friend who was facing trouble with her mental health condition. Since then, I have always wanted to study clinical psychology, thus I am submitting this clinical psychology personal statement to get a place in your programme.

The situation led me to enrol in a psychology class so that I would be in a position to understand more and know how to help people with different kinds of needs in the coming future. The situation may sound simple, but I have become more interested in clinical psychology.

Apart from education, I have had practical experience in psychology. I was appointed as one of the dormitories assistants in the school I was studying for my degree. I had a chance to interact with different students; some were having problems with their families, and others were stuck on alcohol and drug abuse to the point that they were contemplating suicide.

As a leader, the majority thought I was the right party to approach, and they expected that I would provide them with workable solutions. Some scenarios were difficult, but from my education experience and my first incident where I was helpless, at least I had learned how to approach different situations.

After the fourth year of my degree study, we were required to go for an internship. I was lucky enough to get posted in a rehabilitation centre that mainly focused on individuals who had brain injuries. Our main work in the centre was to ensure that every individual does not get to the point of fighting their handicaps but teach them how to overcome them. I was trained on advising or providing counselling services to the affected and their families and how to run psychological tests primarily used in clinical assessments.

A little more knowledge and research opportunities will go a long way in helping me build a strong foundation in my career as a clinical psychologist. Seeing some successful clinical psychologists in the field motivates me a little bit more. There is a field that fascinates me the more, depression. Most youths are sunk in depression, and I can’t wait to come up with a strategy on how to prevent and treat depression.

It has dawned on me that deep research is the only way that can help someone have answers to questions from the real world. How one delivers their responses also matters a lot and can significantly impact somebody’s life. A professional tone is the most recommended, especially to them that seem they are the ones who will benefit from the information.

All my experiences during my undergraduate studies have inspired me to further my education and enrol in this clinical psychology graduate program. With such an opportunity, I will contribute to everyone who would need my help as an aspiring clinical psychologist.

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