Business Psychology Personal Statement Examples

Business Psychology Personal Statement Example

I am writing this business psychology personal statement to enable me to fulfil my dream of studying at your university and one day becoming a successful business psychologist.

Last year, I was lucky enough to take a trip to Sudan. While I was there, I experienced so many new things. Not only did I witness massive poverty in the refugee camps, but I also experienced a great sense of ‘culture shock’. This made me wonder why these different behaviours occur in different countries.

I wanted to be able to explain why certain factors such as climate, prosperity and language can play a part in shaping a person’s personality. It also made me question why resources are scarce in these countries and possible ways to aid long-term development. This interest in different economies and cultures prompted my decision for this course.

My subjects at A-level also played a large part in choosing this subject at the university level. Completing business studies enabled me to use my initiative in marketing and advertising and develop my creativity. I also chose economics which I found harder than business studies, however, through determination, I found that it was hugely enjoyable.

How different things impact each other such as employment and exchange rates, imprinted on me an eagerness to study it deeper at a higher level. I instantly loved psychology at my sixth-form college as I was fascinated by how childhood can shape a personality or how animal behaviours can be found in humans.

I also learned how to conduct research by studying famous psychologists such as Zimbardo and Maslow. Through my coursework, I was also allowed to conduct research by looking at the relationship between sleep and age. I quickly discovered how much work makes your study reliable and valid. I especially look forward to having this opportunity again at the university level.

By having a gap year, I feel that I will gain greater insight into the world we live in, which will better prepare me for university. Having already worked for a few months at BNTX examinations body, I have experienced working life first-hand. This business experience let me see how efficiency is essential in a successful business and how different marketing tools, such as a good website, are essential in both keeping old and attracting new customers.

I have recently taken on the experience of a youth work placement at a baptist church away from home. The role is using my abilities with young people and increase my leadership skills. I am also going to visit Africa for four or five months. I hope to gain more knowledge of their way of life and hopefully develop my ideas about their vastly different culture. The trip to Africa should also further develop my leadership and people skills.

I am also greatly looking forward to university life and hope to extend my sporting ability through extra-curricular activities. I especially enjoyed representing my school in football and swimming but will jump at any opportunity to do rock climbing, surfing or snowboarding. I feel that the subjects themselves, as well as the social side of the university, will keep me committed to my course throughout the university experience.

Please kindly consider my business psychology personal statement for admission to your university.

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