Business Management Personal Statement Examples

BSc Business Management Personal Statement Example

Any global business relies on its management and ability to make informed decisions, consider internal and external factors, and think critically and creatively. I want to be a part of this revolution, thus I humbly submit this business management personal statement to hopefully earn a place in your programme.

Since the turn of the century, organisations have had access to an explosion of data and witnessed its value multiply.

It is now possible for companies to extract knowledge using qualitative and quantitative methods, such as analyzing customer preferences in real-time and predicting future trends. Data is now driving innovation and competitive advantage through boardroom decision-making.

Only those companies that implement data analytics, customer centricity, and AI into their process will survive in the long run. Blackberry, Blockbuster, and MySpace are all intriguing examples of companies that failed to be agile and could not compete against Apple, Netflix, and Facebook.

As a result, I am more convinced of the growing importance of good management and the interdisciplinary skills covered in this degree, which will contribute to my pursuit of a career as a Management Consultant. Due to the subjects I studied at A-level, I am confident I will excel in this course.

Statistics and Mathematics have allowed me to think logically and apply statistical techniques to understanding data. In contrast, History has equipped me with a critical understanding of history and the ability to compose coherent and persuasive writing.

A number of my research projects with Geography have focused on global events, such as analysing and evaluating problems, solutions, and broader implications, including environmental, social, legal, and economic impacts. I was awarded flying colours for consistently high academic performance.

As my secondary school didn’t offer the school certificate preparation in Economics, I decided to teach myself as part of my foundation year. 

I have developed various skills through co-curricular activities, including leadership, teamwork, and time management. My responsibilities included managing the students to ensure the smooth functioning of our school food club. I used my communication skills and customer relationship management to resolve conflicts between members and stakeholders.

I also studied for a course in the Oxbridge Creative Writing Virtual Retreat at the University of Cambridge, where I earned an “A” and came to realise how beneficial it would be to study at a worldwide renowned and outward-looking institution which would offer me opportunities and connections unavailable in my native country.

I would consider it a great honour to be selected for a Management degree that teaches the technical, human, and conceptual skills necessary to run a business and teaches contemporary modules that will prepare me to work in today’s technologically advanced world.

Please accept my business management personal statement for admission to study for a degree at your university.

MSc Business Management Personal Statement Example

My interest in business management began early at XYZ Grammar School, where I participated in an enterprise week. This gave me an insight into the workings of small businesses and how they operate. I found it very interesting and would like to continue learning about it.

I also studied economics at A Level which has given me a better grasp of the concepts behind the business. The “Markets in Perspective” course during my undergraduate course was both exciting and valuable as it taught me about how governments affect markets.

Governments’ influence on the environment is essential when considering environmental sciences and business because they may impact the surrounding environments where we work, including health and safety regulations, pollution restrictions, and recycling.

I’ve worked in the food industry for three years, gaining valuable experience in every aspect of the business. My role included everything from processing milk to packaging products. I learned about the importance of quality control and how important it is to ensure that your product meets the highest standards.

I also learnt about our actions’ impact on the environment. One particular project I was involved in saw us recycle almost half of the waste we produced. I’m keen to continue working in the food industry and gain further experience.

I am an active participant in my community and am currently involved in volunteering. This has taught me much about how large companies and industrialisation affect our environment. Today, corporations are being held accountable for their environmental impacts. My studies in physics have helped me collect and analyze information to establish trends.

I have worked in a small retail store and learned to communicate effectively through interacting directly with clients and suppliers. In addition, I apply these basic principles in my extracurricular activities.

These include playing sports such as cricket and swimming, as well as taking part in various clubs and societies. These experiences have allowed me to succeed in a career in management. Communication and teamwork are essential to reaching my goals of running my own company.

I have developed my interest in rugby by practising my managerial skills when coaching younger players and planning team drills. A sports leadership programme required me to enforce rules and regulations and to make quick, accurate judgements.

I have leadership qualities, and my ambition and enthusiasm will be apparent during my studies. In essence, my drive is to enter and succeed in the business world with the knowledge attained from my degree.

I believe strongly that you must live up to and exceed expectations to succeed in business. A good reputation is vital. As Sir Richard Branson states in Business Stripped Bare, ”don’t promise what you can’t deliver, and deliver everything you promise’.

Please consider this business management personal statement for admission to your prestigious university.

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