Business Computing Personal Statement Examples

BSc Business Computing Personal Statement Example

I am applying for a place at your university to do a bachelor’s degree, and I hope you will kindly accept my business computing personal statement.

My fascination with computers and technology has granted me the experience of education that I have not only achieved but have acquired with joy. Without internet access, but widely accessible for me until the age of 14.

I spent my childhood establishing an interest in the core functionalities of my parent’s PC. Being a mac computer, errors were familiar to an inexperienced user, so I found that my problem-solving skills were being developed early. Over the years, my parents decided to keep me up to date with the latest mac system made by Apple so that I could learn about how they have improved.

On an academic level, I chose the subjects to be taught based on my fascination with computing and general electronic technology for both my GCSEs and A-levels. During this time, I believe I have become a knowledgeable student in the generic computing field. As the field is so large, I have chosen to now divert my attention to a more refined academic learning through university, which drove me to the choice I made.

During my time at school and sixth form, I have learned to build, repair and maintain a computer on a physical level and the more intricate workings of the computer using the CUI and GUI to work around the computer to accept and complete my commands.

By completing a foundation course, I grew some strong experience in the engineering, physics and mathematical field, with I feel will be a vital attribute in the years to come. Although there wasn’t a strong element of programming in my course history, I believe learning SAP during my foundation course proved to lead me in the right direction to having a mindset for learning more programming languages.

To revise my knowledge, I decided to take a gap year which I did not take after leaving the sixth form, to accumulate my knowledge and pursue personal challenges at home. I started this by constructing a new computer to use for further self-teaching/challenges and for a personal level.

I have focused firmly on the integral protection of my computer by creating a system of security for incoming and outgoing access without limiting my accessibility too much. I have found Remote Desktop particularly useful as it means I can access my PC from my mobile device while away from home.

Your university’s academic level at first amazed me when I visited at the open day due to the level of professionalism shown and the substantial facilities available to the students. I mainly found the library exhilarating due to the vast amount of textbooks on offer to read on a factual level.

Please kindly consider my business computing personal statement in support of my application.

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