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Biomedical Engineering Personal Statement Example

It is a fascinating, absorbing and rewarding activity to apply engineering to the human body with many potential health and social care benefits. Although all engineering disciplines strive to advance our quality of life, bioengineering interests me because it directly impacts and improves our health and well-being.

The innovative design of needleless injections could reduce injuries from syringes, and imaging techniques in minimal access surgery could improve the diagnosis and treatment of otherwise inaccessible conditions.

While undertaking a one-year internship during my apprenticeship year at a medical facility, I quickly realised that I wanted to remain focused on engineering while positively impacting health care.

Physics fascinates me; I enjoy seeing how theoretical ideas are applied in the real world. Because of my passion, I temporarily took on the role of Physics teacher, teaching Secondary School physics lessons and helping the younger students during my time on a study abroad program.

Additionally, I spent time considering ways to reduce the environmental impact of our school with other subject teachers. In addition, I attended webinars and workshops on Particle Physics at a university college during Advanced Levels exam preparation while studying Foundations of Electrical Engineering.

My interest in mathematics also continues to grow. I have been reading about topics like the calculation of PI by mathematicians including Gregory, Leibniz, and Machin that I first learn about in Robert Harris’s book Enigma. Furthermore, I enjoy applying the techniques I have learned to complex mechanics problems.

In addition to the subjects I enjoy most, Physics and Mathematics, I appreciate all the aspects of science, whether the biological or physical sciences. It was fascinating to me to study the structure and function of the heart in biology, for example.

Therefore, I am interested in the multi-disciplinary biomedical engineering course, which will incorporate several scientific fields. Recent articles that grabbed my attention included one on apparent imperfections in human evolution.

I spent three weeks volunteering in South Europe three years ago, organised by the local biomedical engineering community. As part of our work with the indigenous tribes in my home country, we built a pedestrian waterway from local bamboo for animal conservation projects.

During my time there, I gained an appreciation for the culture and environment of third-world countries. I developed my communication skills and my ability to work in a team.

I enjoy the challenge Further Mathematics presents. I am studying it in my own time on Coursera, since I believe it will help improve my mathematical aptitude, which is essential for any biomedical engineering Masters course.

Playing the guitar is one of my main leisure interests. I find it immensely satisfying and enjoyable. The styles I play include classical and jazz. I also partake in rock climbing and horse riding, which have been beautiful experiences.

I have also developed a strong moral sense and a compassionate attitude following my volunteering years. I am mature and committed enough to succeed at university, and I am confident I will enjoy and rise to the challenges I will encounter studying Biomedical Engineering. Moreover, I believe I will be able to contribute to the university community and have the potential to succeed.

Thank you, and please accept my biomedical engineering personal statement for admission to study at your university.

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