Best Private Secondary Schools in Nigeria

As a Nigerian parent, it is natural to opt for the best private secondary schools in Nigeria for your children. Over the years, and as the country becomes more economically empowered, the number of private schools continues to increase. This article lists the best private secondary schools in Nigeria, especially those with the best services your kids can attend. 

Remember, there are many private schools in Nigeria, so deciding which private schools are the best is an essential question for your family. Unfortunately, some of these private schools are substandard. Their lab equipment is outdated, their teachers lack the necessary teaching qualifications, and their facilities are poorly managed.

An education that lays a good foundation for a child’s future is crucial. As a parent, you want to provide quality education for your child. You can enrol your child in one of the best private secondary schools in Nigeria. However, it has recently become difficult for parents to choose the best private schools in the country because of the increase in private school enrollment fees. With the information from this article, you will not only have viable options, but you will also know where to go to find the best.

So, what criteria can you use to choose the best private secondary schools in Nigeria for your child?

How do I choose the best private secondary schools in Nigeria?


Nigeria has many private schools. It is essential that before deciding for your child, you take the following factors into account:

  • Excellent teaching and recreational facilities
  • Qualified teachers present at the school
  • Computer-based educational curriculum
  • Extracurricular and training activities 
  • Modern infrastructure in a conducive and safe environment
  • High reputation in comparison with other private schools in Nigeria 
  • History of successful participation in educational competitions nationally and internationally
  • Strong track record of successful student performance in national examinations such as WAEC, GCE, NECO, JAMB and UTME
  • Links with international universities and scholarship opportunities abroad.

The best private secondary schools in Nigeria

British International School

British International School (BIS), Lagos, is a co-educational institution that offers state-of-the-art facilities and qualified academic professionals to equip students with the necessary skills to shape a brighter future. It is a multicultural school community with students and staff from over ten nationalities. BIS has earned an excellent reputation as one of the best private secondary schools in Nigeria for sporting success. Its Alumni Association was formally launched in October 2017.

All students, including those boarding at the school, can receive medical care from qualified nurses. The boarding houses are staffed with nurses, so there is 24/7 medical attention. School medical units and two boarding houses with separate medical units for boys and girls are available.

Christ the King International Schools

Chris the King International Schools (Motto: “the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”) is located in Gbadada, Lagos. They provide a highly developed form of teaching through maximising the use of technology, ensuring a more accessible and efficient learning system. The school organises ‘Open Days’, a day set aside for parents to visit and check the welfare of their children.

They organise weekly co-curricular activities that include Clubs, Sports and fellowships. Some of our clubs include- Literal & debating, Jets, Maths, Home Maker, Chess, ICT and Music. They also organise cultural days and excursions for students.

Loyola Jesuit College

The school is located in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, on a beautiful 28.5-hectare site in Gidan Mangoro. As part of the worldwide network of Jesuit schools, the Loyola Jesuit College in Abuja, Nigeria, is a member of the Society of Jesus. While all Jesuit schools are similar in terms of their educational philosophies, they differ in how they adapt to their particular circumstances.

Loyola Jesuit College is a co-educational boarding secondary school with a Jesuit tradition. It is an entire boarding school, with teachers and supervisors from the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) working in conjunction with the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus. Learning takes place in a focused environment at the school, thus making it one of the best private secondary schools in Nigeria. Loyola Jesuit College is an ideal environment for learning with large athletic fields, a stream that runs on campus, and buildings that complement the natural beauty of the landscape.

The American International School of Lagos (AISL)

AISL is an international school with an incredibly supportive community. AISL has arguably one of the best private secondary schools in Nigeria. The school is diverse; the students represent fifty-five countries while the staff represent fourteen countries. This diversity in our student body and staff, along with their varied ideas and backgrounds, is a hallmark of AISL.

As a global community, AISL provides exceptional learning experiences.  Students are inspired to become the best version of themselves, so they can embark on their learning and development path, growing, leading, and contributing as global citizens.

Igbinedion Education Centre

Igbinedion Education Centre (secondary school) is located in Benin City. It is a mixed school with boys and girls between 11 and 18. Students are encouraged to develop knowledge, understanding and respect for the customs, moral and aesthetic values of their cultural environment and also for those cultures which are foreign to them. 

All students, whether boarding or day students have the opportunity to be involved in every aspect of daily school life. The faculty consists of enthusiastic and committed professionals who ensure that they offer a variety of activities seven days a week, including preparatory activities every evening. Igbinedion Education Centre has one of the best private secondary schools in Nigeria.

Corona Secondary School (CSS)

Corona Secondary School (CSS), Agbara is a co-ed secondary boarding school situated in the serene environment of Agbara Estate in Ogun state. The secondary school adheres to the National Policy on Education stipulations and the National Minimum Standards and Establishments Decree. Students are prepared for the mid-cycle BECE, Cambridge Checkpoint Examinations, Diplôme d’Études de la langue Française (DELF), and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations (IGCSE) and the WASSCE in their final year and the UTME irrespective of their planned post-secondary destination.

CSS attracts and retains experienced teachers in various subjects in the natural sciences, technological and mathematical sciences, the arts and humanities and the social sciences. The school teaches a comprehensive range of skills and competencies through sports, inter-school competitions, community service, service-learning and extra and co-curricular activities, and learning enhancement programmes.

Julliard Academy

Juilliard Academy is an international secondary school in the serene Magodo GRA, Lagos, Nigeria. It has been approved for WAEC, NECO and BECE examinations by the Lagos State Ministry of Education.

Juilliard Academy is a day and boarding school for students in grades 7-12 that prepares them for university education after graduation. Recognised as one of Nigeria’s best private secondary schools, the Julliard Academy student population provides a rich and exciting environment for learning, studying, playing, and forming lifelong friendships.

Citadel International College

Citadel International College aims to provide children with a holistic education. To achieve this, they strive to provide an atmosphere that is conducive and uninterrupted to learning. Students are prepared for college and other higher education. Students are provided with skills to be successful leaders by emphasising discipline, tolerance, peaceful coexistence, and high morals.

Citadel International College has a health care unit and affiliate standard hospitals, including housemasters and housemistresses for boarding students. The school library has an e-library section equipped with laptops and e-books.

Lumen Christi International High School

Lumen Christi recently won the Top 3 Schools of the Decade Award (in 2019) from the Culbeat Foundation. This award is based on the excellent WAEC results for the past ten (10) years in Nigeria.

Lumen Christi International High School is located in Uromi, Edo State. It has produced eminent personalities who have distinguished themselves in reputable organisations, professions, and higher institutions across the globe.

Nigerian Turkish International College (NTIC)

NTIC is primarily based in Abuja. They are committed to providing quality education using Nigeria’s academic curriculum. To achieve this, they provide a conducive learning environment with the assistance of smart boards and excellent air conditioning in the classrooms and laboratories.

The college has expanded to six different states of Nigeria, with over 1000 highly qualified and experienced academic and non-academic staff of national and international backgrounds. It now offers quality education to over 4000 students from 30 different nationalities. They are multi-national and one of Nigeria’s best private secondary schools.

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