Aerospace Engineering Personal Statement Examples

Aerospace Engineering Personal Statement Example

I am fascinated by aircrafts, hence I am submitting this aerospace engineering personal statement to seek admission to your university.

My career in aerospace engineering began when I was a child. Seeing aircraft and machinery always left me puzzled, wondering whether it was a human being who just sat and came up with such an innovation, worked on it, and ensured the result came just as they expected.

I took my first flight when I was thirteen years old and was lucky enough since, at that age, one can tell what their interests are. I was fascinated by how the plane works. This gave me more interest as I started watching stations that aired air crash investigation programs and became a regular visitor of the airports to look at the planes landing and taking off.

Immediately after completing my fourth form, unlike other students, I had a choice of the course I wanted to pursue. I was lucky because I had passed. I had attained the aggregate points required to join an aerospace engineering class. I have been to several engineering conferences. In the most recent one, I represented my team and spoke live on the radio concerning my experiences. These things motivate me to keep pushing and working harder toward attaining my dreams.

Who knows, I might get a selection for an international project – I know it sounds too good to be accurate, but what is impossible under the skies? I have worked with a company where I was part of the team that had a project on analyzing and implementing a whole new system that would help distribute consumable materials to different departments in the company.

The existing system was malfunctioning, so we came up with the idea of coming up with a new system whereby after we presented it to the managers, they approved it and gave us the go-ahead. Implementing ideas is never a simple task. It was challenging but at the same time rewarding. It made a massive difference in my engineering field since I saw engineers at work, and I can now tell the challenges they face in their careers.

During my free time, when not in books and also not working, I have several hobbies. I enjoy taking good photos; most of the time, you’ll find me with my digital camera trying to capture moments. I also enjoy reading fictional books. All my life, inside and out of school, I have been active in club activities such as football tournaments and other volunteers. There is a lot to being an engineer. Apart from leadership skills and communication, teamwork is crucial.

I am hoping that by getting admission to study for my master’s in your institution, I will be in a position to thrive both academically and socially. It is my utmost desire that I will get the required skills. I believe with my experience along with my passion for engineering.

I will enjoy taking a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, where I will be in a position to grasp critical aspects of the aerospace industry. My dream is to work with the department that deals with air accidents investigation so that I can make this world a safe place.

I look forward to studying at your university. Please, I hope you will accept my aerospace engineering personal statement for admission.

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